Just curious as to what this is about, Mr. Amses? Who do you seem to be vilifying here? Obviously, President Trump, nothing new; the GOP? I don't think the whole party deserves this sentence and completing the "unholy" trinity, fundamentalist Christians and their leaders; that part interests me most.

Just curious, again, as to how you define "fundamentalist?" Can you do that more in an ecclesiastical, and not in a "political," way? I hope you understand that you may be helping the cause of Christ on this earth, Mr. Amses, in continuing this diatribe on those who are in office, those who are "fundamentalist"/"right wing" (maybe "evangelical") Christians, like Billy Graham, whom you pit (spiritually?) against M.L. King. For what purpose? Political? Personal? As you stated, both are "long gone," but forgotten? Hardly. God has used these men in ways that may astound us, well beyond ourselves, someday.

So how are you helping us "sanctimonious" Christians or, more importantly, the cause of Christ? One is that you are affirming God's word that states "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)." Your critique of "Christianity" drives us deeper into the Bible reflecting God's truth and our need to be strengthened and led by it but to give God the glory. So, thanks. We can pray for you for, as Billy's son, Franklin, stated recently, "God loves you." P.S. Jesus Christ is not a "political" figure, Walt, He is more concerned about forgiveness, repentance and changed lives.

Thomas Welsh


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