This from the Stanford University study comparing charter vs public schools:

"Authors of the Stanford study compared charter students with demographically similar public school peers, and found that 37 percent of charter school students posted scores on state math assessments that were significantly worse than their public school peers. Forty-six percent of charter school students achieved math scores that were indistinguishable from their public school counterparts. That means that only 17 percent of charter school students — roughly one out of every six — performed better than public school students on state math assessments. In fact, charter school students were more than twice as likely to post math scores that were significantly worse than their public school peers."

"The Stanford study, which is being called the first nationwide assessment of charter school performance, also found that charter school students, on average, lagged behind their public school counterparts in performance on state reading assessments, although the difference was not as stark as the discrepancies in math scores."

Facts are not alternative. Universal health care countries do not have the medical cost bankruptcies that we do. They have better infant/mother mortality rates and their people do not wait for charities to provide yearly dental, hearing or visual care visits. We are ranked, in the latest U.S. News report, as being 15th in health care outcomes. Maybe it's time to get past the "I got mine" way of thinking.

Michael Meninger


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