In my small city, where voters chose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over Trump/Pence by 2-1 on Election Day, I am wondering why, and who, the small crowd (mostly unmasked) are standing in City Hall Park on Friday afternoons waving Trump banners and signs "it ain't over yet." They also carry a Confederate flag, the American flag and the "thin blue stripe flag" with "Trump 2020" on it (confusion about what that flag means?).

It is obvious to me Trump continues to urge these people to deny the outcome of a free democratic election. I hope as we move forward, we in Barre City, Vermont, and our country, will be able to move forward in our lives and government together.

As long as Trump supporters resist democracy, the rest of us will need to stand on the streets reminding each other of our Barre values. Support for BIPOC people needs to be pro-active and stated over and over in our community for the safety of all, especially in the face of denial led by the misinformed Trumpsters in City Hall Park.

Let's remind those who don't accept the election results, and those who do not accept the humanity of saying Black Lives Matter – The election is over in Vermont and soon in the U.S. The people have spoken that democracy be for all. We hope the president can wrap his head around that and help the people he asked for money and votes, to now move forward together with Democrats, in healing, and in addressing the serious challenges before us. Get involved in keeping Barre City a great place to live.

Bern Rose


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"Open Skies Treaty" Talk about facing reality.

Literally discarding Observation Planes used in the treaty. You know like trashing the Post Office sorting machines.

This is the action of a traitor to this republic. This opens the door for Putin to do anything he wants now that Russia is no longer under observation from the agreed "fly over" monitoring.

Anyone claiming to be a patriot must see this as it is, Individual-1's last effort to please his puppet master.


You just can't admit you did predict Individual-1's win.

There was no question, Kirk. Your statement ended with a period not a question mark.

Kirk Oct 31, 2019 11:03pm

"Hey Al, MAGA 2020......whatcha gonna do when Trump continues to rule over you."

Age discrimination, Kirk. Really?

"stick with me and my" ??? Another self proclaimed genius? You really are cut from the same cloth.

As for "The questions begs, 'if' Trump ..." - other than the grammar there is nothing to answer. If he would quit riding around in his golf cart, if he would do his job, if he would stop gassing peaceful protesters for a photo op, if he would stop lying, If he would stop firing personnel who just tell the truth. If he would do anything productive, there would at least be something to talk about.

And that death rate is 100% higher than it needed to be. If Individual-1 had done the job instead of holding rallies and spreading it, 30,000 cases from attending his rallies with 700 dead. That's a death rate of 0.233333333% well over 300 times the nation’s death rate.

He's your hero. Who's a good boy, Kirk?


Can't help but notice that you didn't make any mention of the 'covid' spread during the peaceful protests, why? "Hey Al, MAGA 2020......whatcha gonna do when Trump continues to rule over you." do know that many of Trump's accomplishments will continue well into the next administration (control of the drug costs for diabetes - for one), hence, Trump continues to rule over you. Do you really think that Porcelain Skin Quid Pro Joey is going to cancel that benefit to folks who have diabetes?!? Only a fool would back Joey. Today is 11/23/2020, do you really think your lord and savior Joey will make it to 11/23/2024...…..LOL. Of course you and I both know this election was not about Joe and his Hoe, but rather it is about the 'machine'……...the Shadow Government that is alive and well. Joey with his three college degrees graduating in the tops of his class (all lies from your brave man, 5 deferments, idiomatic expression Italian-sandwich) won't being calling any of the shots, only taking orders from his teleprompter. "And that death rate is 100% higher than it needed to be." Al never caught the common cold, a form of coronavirus....get real. Hedes to the yeah, we all know that with Joey the numbers will instantly go down. Why don't you and your 'god' Joey go to Bradley Airport and stop folks from traveling this holiday weekend....have fun. "30,000 cases from attending his rallies with 700 dead. That's a death rate of 0.233333333% well over 300 times the nation’s death rate." Hey Al, by the figures you provided, try changing your batteries in your HP12C ……….your calculations are way off. When you come up with the correct numbers, after studying a little Zuwaylif, write back and maybe I will up-grade your statistics grade. Math and logic are not a 'libs' strong points, just being pointless are their strong points :-/


Wow Kirk. Blah blah blah blah blah just like individual-1!

He lost Kirk.


No, you lost AL.

Bentley Ridge in Lancaster, PA has 513 rental units. Biden is going to raise income taxes only on those earning more than $400k per year. Bentley's 513 units start at $1,090.00 per month..........simple lowest multiplier = $559,170.00 x 12 = $6,710,040.00 per year. The owners of Bentley Ridge are not going to absorb the increase in their personal income taxes. Hence, as renters, your taxes are going up as you will pay for your owner's increase under the ('not my president') Biden 'plan'. And there my folks, so much for taxes not going up for those earning less than $400k. Our lord and savior, you get what you got, Joey Biden 😕

Hey Al, did you ever get new batteries for your HP12C?!?...…...blah, blah, blah


No, Kirk. He lost! I wasn't running for president, he was.

Blah, blah,blah, money, blah, blah, money, blah, blah. Individual1 talks about money too. It is at the center of his lies, always. Change the subject Kirk, just like your hero.

You certainly are making the effort to please your puppet master. Who's a good boy Kirk?


"As long as Trump supporters resist democracy,"...…...first off, America is not a democracy, it is a Republic. Please learn the difference. Secondly, the election of President Trump was contested for nearly 4 years, hence, the Harris/Bi-gone coup needs to be contested for the next 4 years...….you know Joey won't survive the next 4 years which means the 'hoe' would become President...……….just as planned. Resist, investigate, bring charges of election fraud, impeach the Harris/Bi-gone regime.


Why is it that all the Republicans that got voted in, in the 2020 election, are not claiming the vote was corrupt? Same vote, you can't have it both ways Kirk!

HE LOST Kirk. So much for your predictions. Not just the popular vote; currently 79,062,814 to 73,332,615 but the Electoral College by 306 to 232 the same "landslide margin" (his words not mine) he had. He is losing all his court battles as well. You need evidence Kirk and none is being presented in support of the cases filed.

He said if he lost we wouldn't hear from him again. Just when does that start Kirk?

Letitia James is waiting patiently.

5-10,000 people turned out, not a "million MEGA March" but then lies are lies. Make up any number you want. "... President has no public events scheduled." for days since 03 Nov, It appears he just drove through the Million MAGA March for the photo op, so he could go play golf. Four days golfing since 03 Nov 2020, 310 to date.

The election result was not denied, it was investigated Kirk. BIG DIFFERENCE! People are dying while the transition is being refused.

Hypocrisy Kirk; 2 died from Ebola - demand resignation, 4 died in Benghazi - lock her up, 253,868 US COVID-19 deaths AND COUNTING - Take no responsibility.

He is a child whining and you are his focus. Rally the supporters and let COVID-19 deaths continue. Sad.


Alfred is dead-on here.

The Trump campaign has put forth numerous lawsuits related to this so-called election fraud and they are failing left and right. This shouldn't be a surprise because there's no real evidence of voter fraud.

Saying something so doesn't make it so. This has been investigated, there is no significant fraud. Interestingly most of the confirmed attempts at fraud (none of them large enough to impact the outcome) have come from supporters of President Trump.


Al takes 2 hours to watch '60 Minutes' because he is one neuron short of a synapse.


To your first question, folks of the 'old boys club' are not going to go against their fellow members no matter which side of the isle they tend to migrate to.

Secondly, I did not predict anything in this election to anyone. After all, when Nancy Pelosi has a stake in the software company tabulating the 'counts', one must have certain suspicions.

Who cares about the leftist socialist Letitia James, only a Dem like you.

Hey, Obummer loved to golf also on our nickels.

People are dying while the transition is being big Al?!? Take personal responsibility for your own health, the 'state' isn't going to save you.....get real and stop playing the part of a good servant to your beloved BIGGER GOVERNMENT. Vermonters love a BIGGER GOVERNMENT, and that is why Vermont is ranked 49th in the United States for its economic outlook. Fun to be poor, isn't it Al? Like I did say in the past, "some folks have an aversion to success", welcome to that club AL.

Hypocrisy is not knowing the difference between a deliberate 'stand down ' order and a 'natural'(?!?) virus.

Yes, rally the supporters as proud deplorables seeking less government intervention, live your life free (Live Free or Die, NH).

Until then, you keep listening to the person who claims to have 3 college degrees graduating in the tops of his class, was the debate team captain, marched in the civil rights movement.....'Sniff Dog'.


Your words "Copy/Pasted" Kirk, your words;

Kirk Sep 1, 2019 3:36pm

"It is really fun as an Independent watch the Trump haters reactions to every move our President makes"

Kirk Sep 10, 2020 9:45am

"As an Independent voter, you have no clue who I am going to vote for ..."

I'll go out on a limb with "fun" (1 clue) + "no clue" = CLUE. He is your hero after all.

Kirk Sep 3, 2019 9:42am

"Mr. Trump's playbook is really simple aim at simple minds whence simple minds keep stumbling over themselves to the public criticism arena to make simpleton conclusions time and time again. It is like playing fetch with the dog."

And thus you defined his base! Who's a good boy, Kirk?

Kirk Nov 18, 2020 11:24am

"Secondly, I did not predict anything in this election to anyone."


Kirk Oct 31, 2019 11:03pm

"Hey Al, MAGA 2020......whatcha gonna do when Trump continues to rule over you."

Kirk Oct 20, 2020 10:12am

"Come the vote count, Malapert AL will finally see all his (Al) efforts have been...….point-less...…...pointless."

I believe Biden 79,396,527 votes, Trump 73,544,156 votes is right on point. In fact the spread has grown from 4.3 million votes 07 Nov 2020 to a 5.8 million vote lead today, and the Electoral College vote hasn't changed even with the efforts being made. The judges are tossing the law suits out LEFT & RIGHT! No evidence!

11,806,711 US COVID-19 cases, 255,573 US COVID-19 deaths; On Individual1's watch.

For the record, HIS Words, "Copy/Pasted"

Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible.

— Donald J. Trump, November 8, 2013

Mike from Worcester

"Trump has been at the golf course 170 times in his first 821 days as president, Obama was at the course 65 times over the same period of time. "

Trump vs Obama Who spent more tax payer money while golfing? "Spoiler alert: Trump has cost the U.S. tax payer an estimated $97 million in just over two years vs Obama’s $23.4 million" "sniff"? kirk, your writing stinks. garbage in = garbage out.


Al, you are so funny...…… still didn't prove who I voted for, or for that matter if I even voted. Rambling numbers from the drive-by media, quotes from the your heroes on the liberal side of thoughtless opinions (or lack of thought). Sorry AL, but you write like you have a full 6-pack, but it is obvious that you lack the plastic thing to hold it all together.


Way to go Kirk. I wasn't trying to prove how or if you voted. Change the subject, Trump 101.

You stated: Kirk Nov 18, 2020 11:24am

"Secondly, I did not predict anything in this election to anyone."

I used your words and proved you did. Deny it, does not change the fact that you did.

Kirk Oct 31, 2019 11:03pm

"Hey Al, MAGA 2020......whatcha gonna do when Trump continues to rule over you."

Dying Americans are "rambling numbers." You really are cut from the same cloth as Trump. Sad.

You miss the reality for your attempted cleverness. The "plastic thing" holds the six pack together but is discarded to make use of the delivery. Sad.

You keep trying Kirk, your efforts are entertaining Individual-1 as he rides his golf cart around and rides through gatherings of his "supporters" for photo ops. People he would not be caught dead associating with. People like you apparently. You know "Trump supporters," "... simple minds whence simple minds keep stumbling over themselves to the public criticism arena to make simpleton conclusions time and time again. "

I ask again; "Who's a good boy, Kirk?"


Al, you still failed to make your pointless...….."whatcha gonna do when Trump continues to rule over you"...…...well, you never answered that question, as always with you Al. The questions begs, 'if' Trump overturns this election, "whatcha gonna do". To put it in terms you will understand, the hypothetical situation. It is so sad that you are supportive of an individual (Biden) who is well beyond his retirement age, an embarrassment to the country, as well as Trump at his age. This old goat, Biden, will take care of you, simple proposition folks, come on man stick with me and my 3 college degrees. Al, your 'plastic thing' was your only hope of delivery, and you have discarded it a long time ago along with any 'hope for change'. Al, a proud Vermonter defending the 'liberal agenda' to the ranking of #49 out of the 50 states for economic forecast growth and prosperity. You must be so proud to be a Vermonter. Let's change the subject and see how you defend the 'liberal agenda' for economic prosperity in Vermont. I'll wait to hear the excuses, but first put the 'plastic thing' back on so you can enlighten us all on 'truth over facts' (a quote from your boy, Biden) :-/

Mike from Worcester

kirk, you are so sad. and tiresome.


Oh AL, I almost forgot as human as I am, the death rate from Covid-19 in the United States based on the total population is 0.000757576%. Golly, the walls are closing in on us, run, run fast, run far...……...the keyword is 'run' :-/

Mike from Worcester

Two hundred sixty three thousand four deaths, so far. Oops. It goes up as I type.

263,479. I bet if the dead, dying and their families and friends knew of your wonderful math skills it would be a great comfort to them. The election is over. Your criminal friends are still trying to do as much damage as possible to America and steal as much as they can from the people. Give us all a break, kirk. Wait until the people's choice is in office to start lying again.

Mike from Worcester

"rule over you". that sums it up. the big fool has always tried to act as a king, not as a president. and you act as his lap dog......... and the how smart you are constant repetition with a few probably just looked up references thrown in............ quarter million ++ deaths here........ with family/friends that is millions those who recover with permanent damage to lungs, heart, nerves........not a common cold.....just because some words match.........(threw in lots of ......... for you)....,, wonder what it is like to be .00075.. ... dead?

Mike from Worcester

you really do demonstrate the trump/gop strong preference to damage our country rather than work together. you are showing party over country constantly. and your little apartment complex math is, again, pathetic. the monthly rent is all pure profit to be taxed. i would like to invest in that. no expenses. forget your calculator and maybe read a book. the travesty we have been subjected to while watching the world- except for dictators- laugh at your buffoon for the last 3+ years has been nauseating. your calling the Vice President of the United States a 'hoe' is offensive, disgusting and uncalled for. you are the fraud. 6 million votes more for sanity. probably would have been 10 million if not for voter suppression. looking forward to lower emissions, cleaner water, air and land, affordable health care, an end to the trump via Europe caused death spiral, rejoining our allies and opposing the abandonment of human rights. better stop investing in cages for children.

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