It is imperative that the next coronavirus stimulus package include debt relief for college graduates who are saddled with an unnecessary burden of student-loan debt. It's the morally right thing to do — but it's also deeply pragmatic. Eliminating student debt means millions of Americans can better use the funds they save on student loans to prop up small business and support our communities.

Matthew Polk


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" You get a bill, you pay the bill." That is so funny. Ask Individual-1 about paying bills.

Mike from Worcester

Better not. He doesn't pay, just threatens with big money lawyers and walks away. He learned that from Roy Cohn- his type of people- like dictators and bullies.


So you want to 'stiff' those who went to work to provide the education that YOU desired and signed on the bottle line to attain?!? You get a bill, you pay the bill. What is so hard about that to understand? Perhaps I should ask to have my home equity line of credit 'loan amount' forgiven because of the panic-demic :-/

Mike from Worcester

Gee Candide, this IS the best of all possible worlds.

Average tuition/ bachelors level , state schools (the Cheapest)-

U.S.A- $8,202.00

Austria- 914.00

Denmark 0.00

Estonia 0.00

Finland 0.00

Germany 0.00

Hungary 766.00

Italy 1,658.00

Korea 4,578.00

Luxemburg 907.00

Mexico 527.00

Norway 0.00

Poland 0.00

Slovenia 0.00

Spain 1830.00

Sweden 0.00

Switzerland 1168.00

Turkey 0.00

I could have made a much longer list- ALL less costly than us. We have the HIGHEST in the world.

The many foreign doctors I have worked with over 30 yrs have been just as knowledgeable and professional as the American school trained. (And they are here for many reasons). My uncle trained in neurology in Denmark many years ago (finished his career working with Native Americans) and considered his education and experience- helping patients that did not worry about cost bankrupting themselves - in Europe, superior (they have better outcomes in many areas, like maternal/child mortality.)

The MAIN difference is that these students are getting married, buying property, starting families - while ours are paying off student loans- at great profit to the rich.

My last car loan was 0.09%. Student loans to educate our children should be a break even point to administer, plus 1%- to the government, not to profit the rich.

Education, now more than ever, is national defense (comparing to home equity loans nonsensical) .


Well said, Mike. Thank you


The "panic-demic"? You're right -- along with the COVID pandemic, the majority of Americans are also suffering through a panic-demic around the prospect of Trump bullying his way into 4 more years of dismantling our democracy.

Mike from Worcester

Another false analogy! if you have a line of home equity, you have a home. if you have 50,000$+ in loans- the only way to do it here- you aren't buying a home. married couple with loans, you aren't starting a family. but you got yours, right.

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