In the last few weeks there have been some inane editorials in The Times Argus. One pointed out that it is summer; another one offered pedantic advice to graduates; another one regurgitated a New York Times article about cellphone use; and then there was a pointless, statistic-filled sermon about why fathers should have a day.

Steve Pappas is no editorial writer. He's a hack at best. As readers, we deserve critical thinking about things going on, not pithy sermons or left-wing propaganda. It's because of simpletons like him that our society is getting dumber and our local newspapers are dying on the vine. I read several newspapers to be informed — not to be bored to tears by filler copy disguised as something it isn't.

And while I'm at it: Tell the editor to bring back comics that readers want. If we can't have real news in our local newspaper we might as well have a laugh at his expense.

Ray Parker


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Yowza, there really are some folks out there that think like me. This liberal over the top politically safe space thinking is without any value, but only serves to stand in the way of real progress.

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