It’s hard for me to tell if Governor Scott is serious. He says he wants fairer taxes, more jobs, better access to health care, bodily freedom for women, and acceptance for immigrants and LGBTQ people. Yet, he won’t repudiate the Republican Party, even though its leaders oppose all of that. He won’t criticize President Trump by name for his sordid, corrupt behavior or his tweets about violating the Constitution. He subverts state employees’ union arbitration. Now, this month, he’ll help raise money for Scott Walker, former governor of Wisconsin, who enthusiastically supported policies that punished women, African-Americans, gay people, non-white voters, workers, teachers, union members and the natural environment, all while cheerleading for President Trump.

What am I supposed to think, when I superimpose these two Phil Scotts? One of them is fake. His Republican-ness is a vote getter, but his clinging to it says worse things about him than it does about his voters. I hope he finds some moral courage and tells Governor Walker and President Trump where to go, and I hope he’ll embrace a sensible view of social inclusion and diversity, so he won’t wreck the lives of Vermonters he claims to care about.

Michael Madill

West Topsham

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"He says he wants fairer taxes (I like that especially if the taxes are 'user-based taxes'), more jobs (I agree, but the government needs to stay out of the private job sector of small business), better access to health care (fine, once we get rid of Obummercare paid for by the working class and taken advantage by those who don't see a need to work...…….I have a 44 year-old nephew who never saw the need to have a full time job:-/), bodily freedom for women (and bodily freedom for men and the unborn baby humans), and acceptance for immigrants (as long as they are here legally and are self-sufficient) and LGBTQ people (not a problem for me as long as there is an equal playing field and no quota system). Yet, he won’t repudiate the Republican Party, even though its leaders oppose all of that." Geeze, I am an Independent and I don't agree with your last sentence :-

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