Regarding the letter to the editor in The Times Argus, "Drugs and Guns," by Andy Leader, making the connection between suicide and pot and murder and pot, while discounting the availability of guns, makes no sense and in fact, is wrong. Stating that "murders are rare and are usually family related," is also wrong. The state of Vermont caseworker, Lara Sobel, who was shot to death at close range in Barre, was no family relative of the killer and a rifle was used. The woman in Arlington murdered was no relative of that killer and many other murders were the same.

Pot laws do not increase suicide and murder, but guns do. Mr. Leader seems bent on blaming something other than guns for all the senseless death and violence we have seen recently. Gun violence in America is getting worse, not better and "rare." It is wrong and dangerous to distort the truth. In our society, people need a waiting period to cool off before getting a gun and going to seek revenge on someone. Pot has nothing to do with that, but gun laws do.

T. W. King


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