Given the right heat, the bread first rises and then it is baked.

More and more each day, it is clear an investigation will find the facts to support the action needed. The political will to follow those facts has not yet received the heat of public opinion required to initiate impeachment proceedings. The call has at least now been issued.

Without the public outcry, full support and a demand for action, impeachment by the Democratic-controlled House will accomplish nothing. The Senate’s vote on the result is a foregone conclusion.

Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is up for re-election. His poll numbers for Kentucky reveal that 61% feel it is “time for someone new.” Once again, it becomes a function of wait. Wait for the 2018 election, wait for the 2020 election. Wait for the legislature to develop a backbone and do the job they were elected to do: “Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

The sad part of this is that they need not stop doing what this country needs. They can still take action on health care, climate change, rebuild the infrastructure, the economy, jobs, wages, tax reform. The opioid crisis, gun control, immunizations, immigration and more, are still there and they are far more important than keeping the lime light on Individual-1.

Cut that baked bread into the many pieces and feed the needs of the children and families of this country, now, not later.

Alfred S. Blakey


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