More mass murders committed by domestic terrorists espousing white supremacy using readily available and legally purchased assault rifles.

When will this nightmare end?

I am a hunter, and I own guns. I have no issue with rifles used for hunting. However, I fail to see why anyone needs an assault weapon (long gun or handgun) for personal use. Hunters don't need rifles that hold more than five or six rounds and they don't need semi-automatic weapons.

If they are such poor marksmen that they need more rounds and need to fire them faster than would be allowed with a lever, bolt or pump-action rifle, they have no business hunting.

If someone is really so paranoid about home invasions that they need a high-powered weapon at hand, security experts will tell you that a shotgun is the best way to achieve that security.

If anyone really believes that the real problem is mental illness, I would invite you to read the recent statement on this subject issued by the president of the American Psychological Association. The problem is a country awash in guns easily obtained by anyone intent on killing as many people as possible and who feels justified in doing so because these people are "the other" and deserve to die.

It doesn't help that the hate-filled current occupant of the White House has by his words and demeanor made this OK. Those that support him are complicit in their silence.

John Mandeville

East Hardwick

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Bob P

Bob P

Sorry, but Mental Illness is a fact a major factor in mass shootings. Anywhere from 59% and higher of all mass shooters display some form of past or present mental illness, have been of were under psychiatric at the time of the shootings and also have been or were on psychotropic drugs.


Here is the link to the statement by the President of the American Psychological Association on this subject.

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