I was extremely disappointed that your paper did not bother to lead with your 9/11 remembrance on page 1. You put some of it on page 6, but the bulk on page 10. Your Friday paper never mentioned 9/11 at all.

Barre did not even want the American flag flown. This is shameful. We said we would never forget the almost 3,000 lives taken by terrorists. You have proven we have short memories. To add insult to injury, Flip Flop Phil wants to bring Afghan people into our community. It appears the Biden administration is incapable of doing anything right, including properly vetting whom we bring into our great nation.

This is the greatest nation to ever exist on this earth and people act like they are ashamed of it. I only hope in 2022 that we have the courage to vote out every incumbent in office.

Wade Holt


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Thank you Wade

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