This year, the Vermont Legislature has been a dismal failure. This total flop and absolute legislative fiasco will be the one-and-only worst in history and will come back to haunt them. With the complete washout and defeat of the Senate bill to legalize retail sales of marijuana, this backwater session is an abysmal failure for the over 80,000 Vermonters who now use legal pot, but cannot purchase it legally. These stagnant bills for minimum wage hike to $15 an hour and paid family leave, and the idea for a free enterprise legal retail market for marijuana, are doomed for rejection by Republicans in the Vermont Legislature and the governor.

The Democrats in the Legislature could not, and did not, muster the votes and momentum to get the job for all Vermonters done right and on time. Pot is legal and has been for a year and medical pot is legal and for sale in Vermont. These facts did not matter to staunch Republicans with a mission to reject legal pot sales in Vermont. The Republican governor who has repeatedly stated he is opposed to any legal pot market in Vermont, unless his conditions are met first, is holding to his ultimatums and is damned well determined to see another year go by with no legal pot sales.

Trying to put a square peg into a round hole will be the mental image of this group of politicians.

Thomas W. King


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