I just watched the WCAX coverage of the death of James Alger, the VAOT flagger killed in New Haven. As I watched, I was appalled by the person driving through the construction site while talking on his cell phone.

I worked for the VAOT for more than 30 years. Most of those years were in construction sites and as I travel through sites these days, I notice time and again that conditions are getting worse than what I ever experienced.

The traveling public must be made aware that the people working out there are putting their lives on the line to get their work done. It shouldn’t have to be that way. No “safety equipment” on modern cars replaces the brain behind the wheel.

The other thing I’ve noticed while traveling through worksites is the traffic control workers (VAOT flaggers, deputy sheriffs and State Troopers) should be facing full frontal towards oncoming traffic — not sideways, not with their back to traffic and certainly not looking at what’s going on in the hole, at the roller or at the concrete truck, etc.

These folks, the traffic control people, are, in my opinion, the most important people on the worksite. They are there for everybody’s safety and yet, are oft times the least paid. Their dedication is appreciated by me.

Peter Pelkey


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