I am one of the petitioners asked to “drop your appeal” in the April 4 commentary from some of our downtown Montpelier merchants.

Because we are engaged in confidential negotiations with the city and the Bashara family, I am not at liberty to say much. However, there are some ongoing misconceptions that I need to clear up. First, we did not file a lawsuit. We circulated a petition before the November ballot vote which vote, by the way, in my opinion, was not representative of the position of a majority of Montpelier's registered voters. We appealed the DRB decision and we filed for party status in the Act 250 proceedings, both required legal processes, neither initiated by us. Second, despite ramblings to the contrary, we have not been obstructive. We have been negotiating in good faith with all parties.

Our goal is to ensure that this project is completed correctly, is affordable, safe, environmentally responsible and in the best interests of our merchants and residents. There will be an extensive piece published soon telling more about our actions. Please look for it and read it. There are two sides to every story.

Dot Helling


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