I was never a great fan of the "Three Stooges." It could have been their stupidity lacked a plot that could grab my attention.

But now the three stooges, Trump, Giuliani and Pompeo, have become a point of interest.

Trump, sticking his thumb in the eye of the Ukrainian president, as Giuliani exhibits disbelief beyond belief and Pompeo shoots seltzer into his own face, has lead me to appreciate stupidity posing as reality.

Comic relief is much needed in this time of political diarrhea that distracts us, with its obvious stench, from the truth that confronts us. These clowns of cloven hooves dancing before us need to be recognized for what they are: buffoons who no longer entertain, but are only characterizations of the craven pattern of crime that has become the politics of the Republican Party.

Enough of their stupidity. We need to turn away from their voice of irregularity and seek a diuretic that purges us from their comic filth.

William Gay


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Bob P

Sorry that you got the names wrong, I know you meant write, Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi.

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