According to CNN this morning, the party of fiscal insensitivity has cost the state of California $276 million for a thoroughly bogus recall election intended to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The governor had dared to mandate coronavirus-prevention restrictions which could have not only saved many California residents' lives but likely many millions of health care dollars that would be welcomed by agencies fighting wildfires in the state.

Also according to CNN, the aged and revered trees in Sequoia National Park are under threat from new wildfires. And then, with increasing water shortages throughout the West, partially brought on by decades-long overdevelopment in the Golden State and its neighbors, the fires may progress until only stumps remain in the park. One shouldn't rule out the possibility of even greater costs if the National Guard is called in to help with firefighting.

Revenue to cover some of the conveniently ignored expenditures of coping with climate change, in California and elsewhere, has to come ultimately from the American taxpayer. As far as I can tell, the American taxpayers most able to foot the bill for climate change disasters are the most well-off ones whose irresponsible business practices, self-centered investments and political shenanigans fueled the disasters.

Since some scientists are saying it's already too late to slow, much less stop, the disasters to come, those well-off taxpayers should be ready for a long stretch of retribution for their deliberate negligence.

Joseph Whelan


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