“Russia, if you’re listening …” started it. “I think I’d take it …”, “You don’t call the FBI…”, “The FBI director is wrong,” “you might want to listen. There's nothing wrong with listening …”

Yes, there is! It is against the law! 52 USC 30121: Contributions and donations by foreign nationals.

Forty four men have been president. Among them the following attributes would most likely be revealed to some extent; arrogance, bigotry, conman, dishonesty, envy, fascist, glutton, hypocrite, ignorant, juvenile, kickbacks, lying, moron, narcissistic, obstructionist, pathetic, quarrelsome, racist, sociopath, thug, unethical, vindictive, whiner, xenophobic, yammer, and zany.

It occurs to me that one of them truly can lay claim to all those attributes at the same time. After his statements on June 12, the "I" word comes to mind. No, not that one! Ignorant. It is in the list above because there likely could be at least one other in the list of forty four men who had that attribute at some level.

Since he “knows words” probably these as well; accusatorial, bombastic, conspiratorial, detestable, evil, fraudulent, greedy, hateful, idiot, jealous, kibitzer, little, meddling, nepotistic, obnoxious, pitiable, quasi-adult, rude, self-serving, treasonous, unfit, vengeful, weak, xanthous, yahoo, and I suppose the one that could sum them all up being a "zero."

After his statements to George Stephanopoulos there can be no doubt this person is unfit for office. There can be no doubt this country’s checks and balances are broken. There can be no doubt this republic is over unless action is taken to rid this society of the sad, thoughtless, detestable infection that is Donald Trump.

Alfred S. Blakey


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