The truth: Voting "yes," means we only fly the city, state, federal (including MIA/POW) flags.

Article III is not about a championship flag, no matter how many times it is said or posted. Also, the flag policy was never about state championship flags.

History check: The flag policy was created due to the BLM flag request. Period. Check the minutes and see for yourself. This is not a difference of opinion. This is fact.

I voted to raise the BLM flag and the Thin Blue Line flag. I did not, and do not, want to fly special flags. But if you fly one, you should fly them all. Some councilors don't agree. They want to pick and choose which special interest they want to force the city to represent.

So March 2, you can force City Council to end the flag debate. Think about it — you can go to City Hall Park and look up to see the city flag, the state flag and Old Glory tussling in the wind while the sun shines on her stars and stripes. You won't have to worry about what special flag is going to be there, and you won't have to hear the debate over and over again.

I strongly urge you to vote "yes" on the charter change. This needs to end.

Michael Boutin


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