History, as it always does, will tell the story of where we are today as Americans. Our children, and their children, will look us directly in the eyes and ask where we stood back then. How will we respond in a respectful and honest way? How will we explain the way in which we, as Americans, conducted ourselves and maneuvered through a toxic and volatile social and political environment?

Regardless of ideology, independent of personal motivation or goals, future generations of American adults will deserve and demand the truth. What will our answers to their questions be?

I challenge you to start now. We are in this together. Let us rise to the occasion. Take the high road. Hatred, bigotry and lies are a road to disaster. Americans are better than that. Beware of false idols.

Be a leader. Support leaders worthy of respect based on the lives they live and what they represent. Be the example now that you wish to be remembered by when the time comes.

Character does matter. Truth does matter. Our future does matter. The next generation of leaders matters. Let us show the way.

John Kennedy Mauro


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