The statue of the Roman Goddess Ceres was hoisted up on to the top of the capital building in Montpelier after a new creation of the old one was replaced.

Ceres was worshiped as a pagan goddess by this unholy empire. This "goddess" is a symbol of the cruelty and violence that took place for a thousand years under Roman rule. Death and torture were the mainstays of this evil empire. It was finally destroyed by the barbarians when they conquered Rome. Christian rule then took over, thank heaven. This was much better, although it, too, was cruel to some. Now, the pope and Vatican are in Rome.

Having a symbol of this empire on our capital building is a pagan worship idea and wrong. Hopefully, we, as a part of the human race, have come a long way from the days of Rome and Christians being fed to the lions in the Colosseum. Do we as a state really want this statue on our capital? I think not.

T.W. King


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