I’m writing in response to last week's article on Cabot School and some of the letters.

There were a few problems in that article. One, Cabot still has a gym and gym class. Two, Cabot still has an amazing arts program K-12. In MS-HS, we have Brian Boyes who is a great music teacher and we have an art class that’s available K-12. Also, a lot of the high school classes involve arts which a lot of schools don’t have.

Also, to say Cabot School students have no extracurricular activities is very wrong. We may have lost two-thirds of our sports programs, but they are still available at Twinfield. All the Cabot kids were major parts and three of them started more than half the games. Another extracurricular is Scholars Bowl. Most schools in Division 4 don’t even have a team and we have two teams.

Finally, we have something called X Block, which is a class that helps you learn new skills like Improve, yoga and Ultimate Frisbee; and XDay is a field day which kids can choose to go skiing, biking and many other off-campus activities. We also have something called November/June Term, which is a week at the end of Trimester 1 and 3 when you can go camping, fishing and even ghost tours.

Cabot still has its Leadership program and we have a PBL program that is exciting and engaging for most of the high school students.

Brody Moran


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