As one of the "fleeing" families from this school on "life support," this article rang bittersweet for us.

For the last six years, we endured the mismanagement of Cabot School — our children left with scraps of academics, no sports programs, decrepit facilities and subpar staff. Is it true the State Board of Education finally acknowledges the pain of these families? I certainly hope so. My heart bleeds to hear of yet another family reaching out to a board member pleading for relief.

We were one of the fortunate families – settling on a home in Danville – just days before the start of this school year. Eleven years spent hoping things would change, the day never came. This year, with only 33 students left in the high school, 17 applied for School Choice; only three were allowed to leave. Who is looking out for the interest of these students? Families are being torn apart just to find ways for their children to receive more than a music program.

You may read this and think it has nothing to do with you; but it does — this school is costing all Vermont taxpayers. With a $4 million operation budget for 150 students, and the need for a new $5 million facility, income sensitivity is used as a tool for large tax increases, draining us all.

May every school forced to merge, file suit against the state. For, if this failing institution can be given a free pass on Act 46, so should all.

Cynthia Davis


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