We are no longer in Cabot. However, I remain empathetic to those who remain and are still suffering at the hands of the unsustainable, poorly managed school. Whose taxes continue to rise while their kids continue to try unsuccessfully to flee under a limited school choice lottery. Who continue to be ignored by the school board and until recently, the state.

We were forced to move from a home we loved to ensure our children would get a strong STEM-based education without bankrupting us. No family should be forced to make that decision.

Our public school systems are meant to serve the general population of students. Cabot School does not; it has been morphed into a sub-par program for part-time homeschoolers and for those who want an art-based program for their children. It is a far cry from the robust academic institution it once was.

I am thankful we are no longer living in Cabot. We did everything possible to turn the ship around and all I can say is “I tried.” It was not enough for us, and for many families who have since left.

With a mere 33 kids left in the high school and 17 of those trying to leave unsuccessfully via school choice lottery, the Cabot School Board still refuses to acknowledge that they have driven the school bus straight into the ditch.

The Cabot School Board is still pretending they are the heroic group who are “saving” Cabot School and in turn, the town. With $5 million in repairs needed to the campus buildings, a $4 million operating budget for less than 150 kids preK-12th grade, and families fleeing with their kids every day, this school board is claiming victory that the Education Board provisionally voted to leave Cabot as standalone (for now). However, I am thankful to see that the Education Board is now starting to see through Cabot School’s lies and are now contemplating much needed action.

Oliver Olsen, of the Vermont State Board of Education states: “Our plan should not be seen as an endorsement of the status quo in Cabot, and I don’t think anyone on this board thinks the status quo is acceptable or desirable ... or more importantly meets the goals of Act 46.”

Cabot’s School Board is still not listening.

Mark Codling


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Ok. This is wrong on so many levels. One, there are not 17 kids entering the lottery and the ones that are, aren’t leaving because they want to. It’s to make sure they get into a high school that they want to. Also, I’ve talked to kids in the halls and all but maybe one loves it here. Also, Cabot has at least 175 kids. Mark, I know you took your kids out of here, but we have an exciting high school.

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