Our president, in his Fourth of July speech, made reference to the Continental Armies under George Washington, destroying airports and ramming ramparts. What further proof do we need that he is ignorant, that his mind is not connected to his mouth and he has no sense of history other than his own?

The ramparts we "rammed" were our own, and the airplane had not been invented yet, so there was no need for airports. He is stupid. To blame these ignorant statements on his teleprompter is another excuse for his inability to even consider what effect his statements have on his own reputation, such as it is.

If his teleprompter told him the Nazis were actually social Democrats, he would just read it? No connection between his brain and his mouth? He is an embarrassment to us all.

Rick Levy


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You really need to look up "psychological projection" Bob P "The best one is thinking people are dumb enough to believe his" is exactly what is predicted Trump will do and he did. He and you (a supporter) assign the issue to someone else, and you believe. He is actually playing on the reality that his supporters are dumb enough to believe, just because he said it. Which brings us back to 10,000+ and counting. I noticed you avoided the rebuttal "the simple mistake of not just admitting it instead of blaming it on the teleprompter" Too much to ask that he admit ANYTHING HE DOES could be a mistake of course. His ego is to fragile for that. And then there is the standby distraction of go after his opponents/predecessors and avoid the issue altogether.


Right, Bob P, like the simple mistake of not just admitting it instead of blaming it on the teleprompter. Right, a simple mistake. Like the 10,000+ lies to date more simple mistakes. I understand why you keep telling yourself that, it allows you to believe your hero no matter what he says or does. Just another 'simple mistake.'

Bob P

We did so good last time we were on a post here, oh well. Sorry that Trump is not all PC and vanilla like the guy that was last President. He told his share of lies, and still does along with his VP. The best one is thinking people are dumb enough to believe his " I am the only President that did not have a scandal" . That's funny. By the way how did your 401k do with the stock market closing at a fist time over the 3000 threshold ?


I can feel those darn pesky Russians forcing me to vote for Mr. Trump again, there should be a law :-

Bob P

The real embarrassment comes from those that are so full of hate that they can't even look at a simple mistake and admit it is just that, a simple mistake.

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