Many Vermonters are unfamiliar with our state weatherization program. Through this program, many low-income Vermonters are able to get energy improvements in their homes that are cost effective for the homeowners. The program is available to low-income renters as well.

The good news is that these improvements typically pay for themselves by reducing homeowner energy costs.

The United States Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) was created in 1976 to help low-income families reduce energy consumption and costs. WAP is governed by various federal regulations designed to help manage and account for the resources provided by the Department of Energy (DOE). WAP funding is derived from annual appropriations from Congress but the bulk of funds come from individual states.

Help more Vermonters weatherize their homes. The goal for this legislative session is to increase funding enough to double the total number of housing units weatherized every year.

How can you help? First, contact your representatives. Encourage them to increase funding to keep Vermonters warm and save on heating costs. Second, if you know anyone who could benefit from the weatherization program, encourage them to contact their local agency that administers the program.

Third, donate to the nonprofit partners who administer the program at a local level. Although the state of Vermont administers the weatherization program, local affiliates are nonprofits and welcome your tax-deductible contributions.

Vermont has one of the best weatherization programs in the country. That should come as no surprise. Vermonters look out for one another.

Marion Mohri


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