Vermont GOP chairwoman Deb Billado has a right to her opinions, and The Times Argus is absolutely right to publish them in accord with the freedom of the press provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

But, that does not mean her assessment of Donald Trump’s performance as president of the United States has even one ounce of merit. I have lived almost 78 years in Vermont and began my adult life as a Republican, but cast my first presidential election ballot for Lyndon Baines Johnson, and I have been a Democrat ever since.

My own judgement is Donald Trump is the worst president in the history of this country and the only real accomplishment of his life is an over-developed capacity for self-worship. The only circumstance which suggests my judgement is too harsh, is his father put him on the payroll of the Trump real estate empire when Donald was only months old, in order to reduce or eliminate future estate taxes. In other words, Donald Trump was born into an empire built on evading both the law and public responsibility at every opportunity and he remains 100% committed to that wealth-building, but delusional, family tradition.

Donald Trump’s alienation of our longtime allies, his misuse of government to serve his own family interests, his divisive politics and his leading the country into more and more debt with tax cuts that primarily serve the interests of the wealthy, are clear evidence he is unfit to serve as president.

Brad Denny


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