I listened to Biden's speech the other night and waited for him to say he was going to help the 25,000 homeless veterans, but he didn't.

He said corporate CEOs made millions last year, but didn't mention the Washington bureaucrats who made millions with illegal payoffs from outside agencies, like Pelosi who reported making $10.5 million last year or Bernie Sanders making $2 million. Are they going to be heavily taxed like you are? Of course, not because they know the loopholes, and won't pay any tax or very little.

I also had to laugh when, after Biden said something, every Democrat applauded and the Republicans just sat there showing no respect for Biden because he doesn't deserve any.

Good old Biden putting heavy taxes on companies that hire workers, then the free two years of community college that your higher taxes are going to pay for. The whole speech was about tax and spend like a usual Democrat. I'm glad the Black senator from South Carolina voiced his opinion and said the speech was unrelenting to America's problems. Biden didn't mention the amount of people who have been laid off on the pipelines, putting 8,000 people with families on workers' compensation.

Skip Rinebolt


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Mike from Worcester





Hit the nail on the hammer!

Vermonters need to speak out, we are all not liberal mitten hands

Mike from Worcester

“The independent senator from Vermont has enjoyed a recent windfall driven by book deals. In both 2016 and 2017, Sanders and his wife, Jane, had adjusted gross income of about $1.1 million, according to tax returns his 2020 presidential campaign released last month. The couple followed it up with about $560,000 in income last year.

The totals mark a stark increase from 2015, when they made roughly $240,000.” Americans bought Bernie’s Books. The GOP spends its donated money on republicants books in mass buys to boost sales numbers.

As House speaker, Pelosi receives an annual salary of $223,500, according to a 2018 congressional report. Her income is also limited while serving in the office.

Serving representatives and senators’ permissible “outside earned income” is capped at 15% of their annual basic pay for level II of the Executive Schedule. There are also limits applied to their tax deductions. Each representative and senator is only allowed to deduct $3,000 for living expenses from their income tax per annum.

Baltimore, Maryland-born Pelosi is a longtime public servant. Her passion to serve stems from her early exposure to politics. Her father, Thomas D'Alesandro Jr., was a Democratic congressman and later mayor of Baltimore. Her mother, Anunciata D'Alesandro, was also heavily engaged in politics, serving as an organizer among women in the Democratic Party.

Before becoming the first woman to sit as speaker of the House of Representatives in 2007, Pelosi was Sen. Daniel Brewster’s intern after she graduated from Trinity College. Later on, she was elected as a Democratic National Committee member from California in 1976 and held the position until 1996.” WASHINGTON — Her husband earned the bulk of their money.

President Biden celebrated the strong jobs report Friday, crediting his Covid-19 relief package and an increase in vaccines for the promising forecast, but he warned that progress on the economy could be undone.

“The Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy added 916,000 jobs last month, the largest gain in seven months, and that the unemployment rate fell to 6 percent, down from 6.2 percent in February. The March report is a hopeful sign that the the labor market could finally be clawing its way back to pre-pandemic levels.

But Biden warned that rising Covid-19 case numbers and the premature easing of health guidelines could risk another surge in infections and force sectors of the economy to shut down again.

"We still have a long way to go," Biden said, urging people to continue to practice social distancing and wearing masks.

Biden also used the March employment numbers, which outperformed economists predictions, to make the case for his $2 trillion jobs plan, his next big legislative push. The American Jobs Plan, which Biden unveiled on Wednesday, would revamp the country's infrastructure and create millions of jobs.”

Trump took money for military aid and used it on the stupid wall. Trump spat on dead vets “losers”, Gold Star mothers and POWs- “I like guys who didn’t get captured.” End of story.


Oh my, a long and boring dissertation about your heroes making your ‘pointless’ as usual. Biden’s speech about Amtrak was great for dementia Choey, wasn’t it :-/

Mike from Worcester

Ask someone to explain it to you.


Nancy Pelosi is America’s version of demagogue Eva Peron, Argentina’s “Spiritual Leader of the Nation.” A law unto herself, Pelosi is a dictator who selfishly interprets the law to satisfy her personal beliefs and ambitions. Her abuse of power and perversion of justice reverberates everywhere. That Bozeman’s Democrat city commissioners, hiding behind the mask of non-partisanship, would aid and abet Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, yet suspend our veteran’s Memorial Day parade, reflects the same lawless, hypocritical mindset of Pelosi.

“People will do what they do,” said Nancy, tacitly supporting violence and anarchists who destroyed national monuments. Today’s Democrat slogan is that political leaders need to “reimagine” the role of our vilified police. In lockstep, we hear Pelosi’s echo chamber; Democrats in the House, Senate and media chattering the same line.

Mike from Worcester

"Chattering the same line" really only applies to the lock step republicants who dare not speak against the 45th liar -in-chief lest they get trashed, lied about and publicly booed by their own party.


Nancy Pelosi made some stock purchases last month that are raising eyebrows — and questions — about the ethics of Congresspeople buying and selling stocks. In December, Rep. Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, purchased 25 call options of Tesla stocks, along with a few other stock purchases. Why does this matter? Because under the Biden administration’s new agenda, with its focus on environmental protections and combating climate change, Pelosi could benefit financially from those political plans.

President Joe Biden is currently encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles, and that could mean lifting the cap on sales, providing tax credits to buyers, and a potential program incentivizing people to trade in used vehicles to buy an electric one. Biden also announced on Monday that he would be replacing the entire fleet of 645,000 federal vehicles with electric ones. This could create a conflict of interest, as part of Pelosi’s job will include working to pass these environmental and clean energy initiatives — initiatives from which her family now stands to profit handsomely. Yup, your heroes are truly awesome, dynamic and certainly not self-serving stupid folks, Mike.

Mike from Worcester

Did you ever hear of Global Warming? Not rocket science to know that the switch to electric and hydrogen powered cars is in full swing. General Motors? They make cars and trucks. They announced, along with several other large manufacturers, they are are going all electric. Everybody has been making hybrids for years. It is hardly Biden's 'new agenda'. It has been ongoing for decades, but apparently republicants do not care about their children's children's future, or Covid or human rights or homeless hungry kids. Your heroes have spread hatred toward people of color, Asian and middle eastern Americans and we have all seen the violence. trump did not separate his business from his office or provide tax returns (other than paying $750 in taxes for years). He cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions to play golf and incited rioting and death by his tweets. The GOP produced many congress people during the world wide trump disaster that did insider trading and the most indictments in history. Tax credits for vehicles, for heat pumps, for solar, wind, ect., ect., have become a necessity to support the growth of those industries that will save the planet. And by doing so, the prices have gone down and the affordability has gone up. trump/republicants have become synonymous with conflict of interest, with putting more wealth into fewer hands, with lying, treason and sedition. The list of things the 45th liar-in-chief, who doesn't read or take intelligent briefings and "governed" by tweets, but sides with Putin and Ergodan over our own FBI, CIA, etc. while dumping on dead 'loser' vets (oh the agony of bone spurs) and POWs. Yes, 'my heroes', like all people, have flaws. Your heroes are flaws on the backside of humanity.

Mike from Worcester

Trying to provide the truth to people suffering from Dunning-Kreuger is hopeless. Get help, please.


We certainly didn’t need a ‘jobs plan’ until Choey screwed the pooch. And less we forget, where does 60% of the cadmium and lithium evolve from?!? Yup, you really do care for the children of only your world, not the world’s children. Your dribbling dither needs no explanation as you fail to connect the dots with simple cognitive abilities. But once in a great while, for a sense of humor, I read your goo goo gah gah :-

Mike from Worcester

You are apparently quite unable to offer any defense for your man messing up everything, here and abroad, so you bring up stuff you had four years to fix but did- nothing- except play golf and incite hatred and racism. Engaging you in an adult discussion is a waste of time with your little boy name calling and false argument strategies. I expect another 'last tag' playground reply from you. Waste of time trying to have a meaningful civic conversation and civil discourse

Mike from Worcester

"s..... the pooch'- !!

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