When our American flag is proudly waving at the end of a spear alongside the Confederate Army and “don’t tread on me” flags by domestic terrorists attacking our nation's Capitol building, I can understand the Barre City Council’s concerns about the intimidation of displaying a huge American flag over our fair city.

Please don’t move to Barre City, Mr. Koch. We finally have a group of leaders who support a multi-cultural society with symbols of welcome, not division, which is what our dear flag has now become. They are focused on the real issues facing us: poverty, housing and food insecurity, and removing barriers to equity. We finally have a better balance on council with a historic number of women on it, as well as forward-thinking people.

Joelen Mulvaney


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Thank you, Joelen, for your insight. The person who had requested the huge flag is known for supporting the Jan 6, 2021 insurrectionists that stormed the US Capital. It is difficult to understand how a person who uses free speech to encourage a govt. overthrow, would want to fly the US flag. Maybe some day, we can know that the flag represents us ALL again. I was deeply saddened to hear that City Council members have received threats. This is not patriotism to me. Threats and terrorism toward others is not the way to Proudly Flying a US Flag.

Mike from Worcester

I believe that the opinion of someone who supports the treason and insurrection attempts on 1/6, where after, thank God for our military, the generals found it necessary to ensure tRump could not independently launch nuclear weapons and also had to call his foreign counterparts, that person, whoever they are, has forfeited being trusted on pretty much anything. Also, as my previous letter to the editor stated, too many who do fly it treat it with disrespect. Not lowered when ordered, not illuminated if up at night, flown tattered. In 'my' time, the 1960's, wearing a flag shirt or pants could likely result in a beatdown. The 'golden tRump', dressed in flag pants, was truly disgusting.

Bob P

As usual, push the leftist narrative that has been disproved time and again. There was no insurrection, or treasonous acts committed on Jan 6. But hey, what ever makes you feel good. I am just glad Trump is living free in your head because your ignorance shows every time you post about him.

Mike from Worcester

For a moment, put yourself in a pair of Republican shoes. The news today is dominated by testimony given by four police officers about the gruesome beatings they absorbed at the hands of a furiously violent tide of red-hatted Trump lovers on January 6.

You’re a Republican today. How do you react to that?

“Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham had a decidedly sarcastic reaction to the harrowing Tuesday testimonies of police who defended the Capitol from pro-Trump supporters on January 6,” reports Business Insider. Ingraham accused the officers of acting, and Carlson scolded one of the officers who compared his experience at the Capitol with his time as a soldier in Iraq. “It’s not Fallujah,” said Carlson, while Fox aired a conveniently mellow portion of the riot that merely showed people wandering around the building.

Over at the laboriously far right One America News Network (OAN), they didn’t even bother to air the testimony beyond a 20-second clip they talked over as it played. They did, however, give detailed coverage of an early GOP press conference where House Speaker Pelosi was blamed for the calamity because she is somehow in charge of the Capitol Police (she isn’t). "Truthout"


The only thing that is Intimidating is the 5 City Councilors; Jake Hemmerick, Emel Cambel, Teddy Waszazak, Erika Reil and Samn Stockwell. People like these make American Flags Divisive. There time is over, one by one they will be recalled. God Bless Barre and God Bless America...

Mike from Worcester

"There are those who wrap themselves in flags and blow the tinny trumpet of patriotism as a means of fooling the people." George Galloway.

People often look to the 'founding fathers' as they frequently should. In 1792 they included "E pluribus unum" on The Great Seal of the United States. It was our nation's motto until the bogus 'red scares' of the 1950's when suddenly, In God We Trust, contrary to the founders and the Constitution, was rushed onto everything. Seems we got thru all of our wars, including WWI & WWII, with the founder's choice. Not my religious/spiritual beliefs or 'yours' should have an effect on our mutual governance. I have frequently said God Bless America, but as a prayer, not a cudgel.

And intimidation of those who believe otherwise can be slyly inserted easily, it seems.

Mike from Worcester

I can only assume you have not seen the videos or the testimony of the police. But of course, as Chico Marx said: "Who ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

Mike from Worcester

I tried to quote tRump but the T/A branded it profanity.

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