I have lived most of my life in Georgia except for 2001-2003 when my wife and I lived in Barre. While living in Vermont, I believe Bernie Sanders represented his constituents well. But it is my belief he should not run for president again.

In Georgia, the words "democratic socialist" sends chills down our southern backs. We do not see big government as the answer to all problems. We do not like politicians who want to raise income tax rates like Mr. Sanders. And he has little real connection with African-Americans and Latinos, as he represents the whitest state in the U.S.

For these and other reasons, Mr. Sanders' Democratic campaign for president will fail in the South just as it did in 2016. Mr. Sanders should continue to be outspoken and progressive. He zealously represents the interests of Vermonters and other followers. Mr. Sanders, please, however, support a candidate who can compete in the South and best Trump in 2020. This country cannot afford another four years of Trump.

Torin Togut

Lawrenceville, Georgia

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strat douthat

Hi Torin...I share your belief that Bernie should not run again, but ot for the same reasons. I think Bernie had his shot...he even might have beaten Trump in 2016...he polled well against The Donald. But, his time has come and gone...no more old white guys, please. Biden and Bernie should graciously step aside but gracious and Bernie don't fit too well in the same sentence. And, fyi, I was a big Bernie supporter last time around...stay warm...

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