Donald Trump may soon have no other choice than to try to create a police state. If, as the evolving evidence suggests, he turns out to be guilty of a number of criminal offenses, his only protection from going to jail will be to gain authority over the law by precipitating actions that would justify his usurping that law.

While, in the short run, the president might take solace in the thought that he cannot be indicted while in office, he can only find permanent protection by ensuring that he will permanently be in that office.

The depth and breath of current presidential power would allow Donald Trump numerous opportunities for initiatives that could begin to consolidate his power and create a police state. Trump's nature and his history strongly suggest that if he feels threatened he will use what ever power he has to to protect himself. And he now has immense power.

Our citizens, judiciary and elected officials should be alert to this possibility and prepared to act swiftly and aggressively to thwart it.

Kirk Gardner


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How about that

He will rightly pardon himself. Pardon me boy have you ever ridden the Chatanogle cho cho???

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