When I grew up in England, no ordinary people had guns. The police didn’t have guns, either. And, unlike the young people growing up today, nobody knew or heard of people being murdered. Beaten up, yes, but not murdered.

And now people are being murdered, many by men wielding semi-automatic rifles. I can’t see why anyone would need one of these guns. To shoot the crab apple nubs off the tree before the Cedar Waxwings land on the branches to get drunk on the fermented tiny apples? To shoot milkweed pods so white silky clouds float over the fields? Certainly, even in my ignorance, I can’t imagine they’d be suitable for hunting turkeys or deer. I read a commentator, a hunter, who said that if someone needed a semi-automatic for hunting, he or she should go back to video games. So, these guns aren’t used for crab apples or milkweed pods or hunting.

What are they used for? It’s all a bit confusing, but what seems clear is that if a man bursts into a synagogue or church or high school or college classroom with a semi-automatic rifle, far more people are going to be killed than if he burst in angry, desperate, hostile, with just his fists, or even with a knife.

Let’s scale it down. Let’s ban these semi-automatic rifles and save lives.

Nicola Morris


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