Bernie, I supported you wholeheartedly in 2016. This cycle, I am running against you.

You have many great ideas. Those ideas are the reason I supported you, the reason you still garner significant support nationwide. But those lovely ideas amount to little more than wilted flowers under the harsh light of the Anthropocene. Before we water your flowers, we must fix the planet.

We must address the climate crisis. The United States of America must lead that charge. Would you lead us? I have my doubts. I watched you cow to the Democratic Party in 2016. Will you similarly surrender the first time the very long odds in this fight appear insurmountable? Do you even have a plan? Care to share it? Would you declare an emergency to implement it?

The passage of time has made it abundantly clear that the great divide in our country will not be mended by Democrat, Republican or pseudo-Independent. The unity we seek is not across that divide but within our own camp. That unity can only be realized by coming together in support of the most pressing issue humanity has faced.

I have no doubt that you are sincere in your desire to lead a revolution in this country. My concern is that you lack clarity on the most pressing reason for it and sufficient resolve to bring about the necessary change. I lack neither.

Mia Kro


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