There have been discussions about displaying the American flag in the paper lately.

I guess I am old, though maybe not old-fashioned. On the day I write this, 9/11, I notice our flag even more. I erected a flag pole with a fieldstone base around it about 20 years ago. It sits in front of our home. At night, I have it illuminated. When presidential decrees direct it to be flown at half mast, I do so.

However, I see many flags flown year around. They are left up in the dark. On days such as this one, they are never lowered to half mast in remembrance of those lost, even at the post office.

Some Americans have tried to politicize our country's flag of late. Whatever your personal beliefs, I think it a privilege to be able to fly our country's symbol publicly and proudly. But I think it a responsibility to take the small effort to do so correctly.

Michael Meninger


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