The news was filling my frayed neural receptors with images of the bullet-proof barrier being erected for Der Furher for his jubilee. Luckily, my consciousness rose to the occasion and presented me with an alternate reality:

A president removing the prison-like conditions of migrants seeking the liberty for which our nation stands.

A president standing strong while voicing his patriotic duty when it comes to eliminating foreign aggression into our democratic institutions.

A president who walks the land of farmers that is being destroyed by climate change, raises his voice in anger and says: “Never Again.”

A president who spends a night with the homeless, understanding, at best, the dream that has been lost and must be restored …

But Der Furher marches on, regardless of my delusions. Let’s just hope that Der Furher, with his love of militaristic patriotism, doesn’t come stomping down your door.

William Gay


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