I am encouraging Barre Town voters to turn our and vote "yes" Jan. 8, on the Act 46 re-vote. You can vote now by stopping at the Barre Town Clerk's office and vote in person.

I have been a school board member for 18 years. I can’t remember a vote that is more critical for our residents and our kids. I have supported the law since its passing. I think the law is a reaction to what folks have been asking for: that is, a response to a declining school population and the inefficiencies of our current school management models. I have experienced those inefficiencies and am convinced that the law addresses those and will uncover more ways to find savings and more importantly, make what are three good schools even better.

It is now clear that the schools will be merged. A "yes" vote protects our destiny and the good work that resulted in the articles of agreement. A "no" vote throws us at the mercy of the State and looses $5 million in incentives. When was the last time you had a bite at that apple? Vote "yes."

J. Guy Isabelle


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I am encouraging Barre town voters ton VOTE NO on the act 46 re-vote. The focus of some seems to be on the temporary tax incentives with merging, the key word being “temporary”.

What happens to Barre Town schools or Property taxes when the temporary money goes away? What happens if Barre City wants to spend more than Barre Town in future budgets? Will Barre Town have the numbers to vote it down? The last time I checked it didn’t.

But Mr Isabelle is correct, this is an important vote. So vote wisely Barre Town,

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