I call it the Bernie Backlash: he’s too old; he’ll take away votes; it’s too late, the landscape’s changed.

I, too, was about to jump on board until, thank goodness, I watched Bernie “live” from Iowa this weekend and remembered why I still yearn for the Bern.

It’s not only that he opposes the 1 percent and Citizens United and wants to educate and heal the masses, it’s that he makes sense. Fearless, gutsy, experienced, and exasperated, Bernie speaks the truth. Once in a great while comes along someone who does this, who reaches people, who touches a nerve and surges to popularity. So why do people question it, play it safe, vote not with their heart and souls but to, cynically, “just get a Democrat in there”?

If Bernie looks like a wild and improbable candidate it’s because he is one in the degraded cultural and political world we now live in, a world I refuse to normalize. As someone once said, “Sometimes popularity means that all the fools are on the same side.”

For me, Bernie is the sanest person out there. I can listen to him and feel the yearning and hope of the collective. Feeling anything these days is a victory in our numbed-out play-it-safe sell-out political world. I will vote for Bernie because I can listen to him without squinting, compromising, or sacrificing what I believe. For me, voting for Bernie is a win-win. Following your soul always is.

Janet Pocorobba

East Calais

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