The unprecedented budget proposal by the Biden administration is like the movie title “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” The good is the increase in funding for veterans programs. The bad is the zero increase in operating funds for the Defense and Homeland Security departments, while all others will receive a 16% increase. The ugly is the $17 trillion it adds to our national debt.

The idea of just shoveling a 16% across-the-board increase in operating funds to 90% of our government departments seems to run counter to how traditional businesses do budget planning today. But this must be the Washington way.

Regarding the number of government departments, I am not aware that the Biden administration has considered or reviewed what departments are actually needed to deliver on this proposed budget. In my opinion, you could eliminate the Education Department and trade those dollars for a new department focusing on climate change and climate science. Or perhaps move the Education Department funds into the Homeland Security budget. At least, that, in my opinion, should have been part of the administration's internal budget debate. Maybe it was.

This budget when you explore its guts has, in my opinion, many misplaced priorities and should be rejected. The debate over the next two weeks in DC may hopefully force some important changes to this proposal.

Or perhaps the Democratic members of Congress, along with members of the administration, could forego their salaries next year in an attempt to move the dial somewhat closer to a balanced budget.

Rick Theken

Barre Town

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Rick, why JUST the Democratic members? Surely the do nothing Republicans should contribute their share.

As to "run counter to how traditional businesses do budget planning" it misses the point of Government completely. It is the job of the government to SPEND money.That is why they use SPENDING BILLS not budgets. Spending a couple trillion dollars in tax breaks for the 1% is not an issue apparently.

Mike from Worcester

Thanks, Al.


Thanks Rick.

Brian Judd

Ward 2

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