We already have a shortage of child care centers in Vermont and now three in Montpelier are closing due to financial reasons.

If David Zuckerman is a progressive, he should run as a progressive.

Three-and-a-half years ago, Trump bragged he could shoot someone and not lose any votes. It seems like that has been his goal and now Cadet BS has deliberately killed a man, by proxy, and 176 other innocent people died as a result.

After reading about the proposed $48.5 million budget for the Barre schools, I found it quite amusing we have some school board members who think they can keep dipping in the pockets of taxpayers who will go right along with it.

I was in Boston recently and saw a long line outside a store. My hosts said it was the legal marijuana retail outlet. Dozens of folks were lined up waiting to pay their money for the regulated pot. A portion of their sales goes into the Bay State coffers.

Trump's latest publicity stunt has resulted in fatal consequences. Innocent people have died.

In his column about the Transportation Climate Initiative, Jeff Wennberg completely misses the point. He claims an arms-length list of experience with cap and trade emissions reductions and doesn’t understand the “cap.” It’s a limit. Only so much pollution allowed.

If you can’t do everything, don’t do anything is the connived response John McClaughry and Jeffrey Wennberg make to Greta Thunberg’s anguished call that our house is burning down.

Jeff Wennberg, who knows more about regional cap and trade schemes than anybody in Vermont, has called me out for understating my criticism of TCI (the Transportation and Climate Initiative). I plead guilty. Jeff’s analysis is absolutely on the mark.

On the last Sunday of each month, Beth Jacob Synagogue sponsors a community dinner for everyone, especially for food-insecure individuals. This holiday season, dinner volunteers thought it would be a treat to serve pizza. Once again, Montpelier’s business community came through: many thanks …

It seems strange to me that the city of Montpelier opts not to plow sidewalks when school is out of session. Adults use the sidewalks too, but have to slip and slide down the hills on their way to work on these days.

After reading your editorial on Jan. 1 titled "Be nicer," I feel moved to write this.

This is in response to the letter written by Joel Dennison about the warming shelters in Montpelier. Thank you for reminding the community of Mary Alice's last meal at Down Home on New Year's Day.

Montpelier has volunteer-organized and -run "warming shelters" out of several of our local churches which provide a place to stay and food to eat during the chilly evening hours before an overnight shelter at Bethany Church opens each night.

The “Wall” is the one that now exists between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi about impeachment trial witnesses and other details of the deliberation of the impeachment articles.

Where is the legislative leadership at, when they hold a news conference and there is no mention in the weekend edition's lead story — I mean zero — of the one issue that overrides all others?

I am responding to Walt Amses article in The Times Argus published in Dec. 14-16 edition.

In anticipation of the upcoming legislative session, Representative Anthony and I are conducting a quick survey on issues. Ten issues are listed, and we ask you to rank them in importance to you from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most important and 10 the least. You can follow this link to get t…

I'm just looking at Alfred Blakey's "Republic no more" letter Dec. 17. Not just Mr. Blakey, but there are so many people over the entire course of Donald Trump's presidency who have felt extremely free to pass judgment on this man. Criticism, sure, but letters like this that involve so many …

I believe we live in parallel realities that certainly divide us as a nation. Some, like myself, may question that.

Thanks so much to The Times Argus and photographer Jeb Wallace-Brodeur for Saturday’s striking photo gallery “Bringing It Back,” featuring images of Memorial Hall in North Calais.

Friends of the Cutler Memorial Library thank the local businesses and individuals who generously contributed items to the "Evening at the Movies" and "Day at the Spa" baskets, which were raffled off at the Twinfield Holiday Fair on Saturday. Thanks also to all those members of the community …

Here in Vermont, where pot is legal to possess and grow, the Vermont Legislature is planning another pot fiasco during the upcoming session.

If you plan to dance on the water at Barre's quarries, wear a haz-mat suit. Before you get touched by the water in quarries, make sure you get it tested. I am very concerned about people who swim and otherwise come into contact with the water in them.

The impeachment of President Trump is, no doubt, headed to the U.S. Senate for a "trial." With Republican Mitch McConnell as Senate majority leader and a plan to "shut out" the Democrats from the trial and call witnesses like "the whistleblower," Hunter Biden, Democrats on the impeachment co…

I was offended by the headline about the school shootings. The wording only attests to the fact you are very anti-gun!

Thanks to the many people who enjoyed music at noon at Christ Church in Montpelier and donated so generously to the Central Vermont Refugee Action Network.

I was thrilled with the drama and excitement of witnessing Mikaela Shiffrin’s two slalom runs in the Women’s World Cup at Killington on Sunday, which she won by more than two seconds. This followed her close third place finish behind two racers from Italy in the Giant Slalom on Saturday.

I publicly thank four helpful partners in our effort to bring increased mental health personnel resources in to assist the Barre City Police Department for those calls involving crisis intervention. With that support, we can replicate a model in place in Chittenden County. The assisting part…

King Trump and Queen Pence are busted. All the king's horses and all king's men (and women) will never restore this presidency again.

Stephen Whitaker was correct in questioning the manner in which a Montpelier police officer shot and killed Mark Johnson, a disturbed, older man who was holding a pellet gun when he was shot twice with a high-caliber rifle.

Homelessness has been in the news a lot lately. Until they come up with a solution to having to come up with first and last months' rent and security deposit when you are broke, they will never solve it.

I was never a great fan of the "Three Stooges." It could have been their stupidity lacked a plot that could grab my attention.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that properties owned by the President so far have been visited during 1,493 trips by U.S. government officials and by officials from 71 different governments.

Polls clearly show Vermonters love wildlife, but many of us don’t stop to consider who makes decisions about our wildlife.

I recently discovered there are no special ed funds for children under age 5 — isn't that when they need them the most?

There was this old joke that I thought was pretty funny: How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?

I see this morning a letter in the paper from Barre's resident Puritan, Thomas Prindiville, bemoaning the fact the "Washington County (Central) School Board" is having hearings about making available condoms, dental dams and lubricants to the students at U-32 High School. Apparently, Mr. Pri…

If we don’t transform the way we generate and use energy, the climate crisis will only get worse.

A Times Argus editorial this past week bemoaned the fact not enough American citizens are willing to talk to each other, particularly if they hold opposite political perspectives. That appraisal seems to be similar to the naive, glass-half-full view taken by Mark Zuckerberg upon starting Fac…

I was disappointed by the headline and the report in the Nov. 8 edition of The Times Argus concerning one of the decisions of the Washington County School Board. They will make condoms, dental dams and lubricants available to students. They mention “sexually active” but, in reality, it means…