The Red Sox's sad and droopy-looking appearances on the field look like they are not even trying to win games, as they appear to be giving up. In a recent tennis match, a player got fined for trying not to win. I think the Sox need to be fined by MLB for not trying to win.

American health care nightmare stories now come one right after another. The current nightmare: suing patients for unpaid bills. NPR reports, “There are no good national data on the practice, but journalists have reported on hospitals suing patients all over the United States…”

It is so predictable some people would complain about the recent MSMS fundraising promotion. After all, it seems like there are many people in Montpelier always complaining about something.

Berlin Health & Rehabilitation Center/Genesis would like to thank Dick Dodge, Anne Hutchinson, Conrad Belanger, Linda Bullard, Theresa and Dick Patterson, and Jan Fortier for all their hard work and time in sprucing up our courtyard, as well as, Agway for their generous donation of all t…

The nonprofit Jump and Splash Inc. is a group of Montpelier residents with the goal of exploring ways to bring a full-service recreation center, including indoor pools, to the downtown. The group is not defunct, but is currently inactive.

Ron Merkin, we are all racists. That is not necessarily an evil state of being but it certainly doesn't create any benefit and it can be the source of considerable harm. So, the question of why we are racist may be less important than the question of what each of us will choose to do about it.

The recent revelations by the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights in which a nurse was reportedly compelled, under pain of a loss of employment and potential loss of a nursing license, to assist in an elective abortion procedure in violation of her conscience, are nothing s…

To the the Traffic Signals Operation Engineer, Mayor Herring and the Barre Chief of Police: I have written privately twice since school began, but now it is time for an open letter.

This is an open letter of thanks to all the members of the racing community and EMS community. As a current health care professional and former EMT, it took all I had to sit in my seat and not try to rush and render aid; however, I knew the right people were there, hands on.

With due respect to Andy Leader, who responded on Aug. 29, at least in part, to my letter to the editor of Aug. 27, which was, in turn, in response to Deb Billado's opied piece on Trump:

For the last 35 years, I have enjoyed riding my hybrid bike many places in many states. I am 72 now and have an e-bike that has extended my biking and pleasure of being out in our beautiful state.

I write simply to add one more voice to Kevin Ellis’s call for a serious review of police training and practices in Montpelier (Police and Culture, Aug. 31-Sept. 2).

What would you say if you could speak directly to our Planet Earth? Randolph’s recently formed Climate Emergency Group wants to encourage you to do just that. For this project, we are requesting that you (and people of all ages and towns) write letters to our Planet Earth expressing your hea…

It was refreshing to read the letter from Deb Billado (Aug. 22). She made some very valid points. I could see the attacks coming in the articles to follow.

Just finished reading George Simpson's amazing take-down of Deb Billado's column singing the praises of Donald the draft Duck, er, Trump. Wow.

What is Times Argus doing publishing “Trump has it right,” a piece directly from his campaign literature, on the op-ed page?

Deb Billado’s pro-Trump op-ed column is so absurd that it needs an official response. Absent that, here’s mine.

Many of the pundits in the media who bemoan “extreme income inequality” seem somewhat silent about “health care inequality” and are skeptical of solutions such as “Medicare for All” or something similar. They invariably bring up the cost (taxes) as if premiums, deductibles and co-pays don’t …

I just watched the WCAX coverage of the death of James Alger, the VAOT flagger killed in New Haven. As I watched, I was appalled by the person driving through the construction site while talking on his cell phone.

The Catholic Church has, on an ecumenical basis, aided and abetted child molestation, rape and worse. Despite the worldwide predilection for abusing the vulnerable, this organization is treated with kid gloves.

I oppose the use of state funds to pay for family planning services for which federal funds are available. Rather than pay more of my hard-earned tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, I urge the state of Vermont to recruit and assist other providers who can provide the same services using the T…

Vermont GOP chairwoman Deb Billado has a right to her opinions, and The Times Argus is absolutely right to publish them in accord with the freedom of the press provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

The Vermont State Employees Association is unnerved, agitated and annoyed by the comments made by station WCAX and the Corrections Department Commissioner about staffing in Vermont jails. They say it was incorrect and misleading and, in fact, jails are way understaffed, while the comments on…

I was very disappointed in the headline story in The Times Argus on Aug. 16. To start with, the headline was misleading and inflammatory.

Are buses becoming obsolete? Fixed route bus ridership has been on the decline for years but customized service requiring 24-hour reservation is increasing but costly. With taxpayers subsidizing 80-90 cents for every operating dollar spent and 100 percent of the capital costs, more innovatio…

I salute Vermont's Scott administration for turning down Title X funding and supporting Planned Parenthood with state money. It was a choice of principle over money and rejected the vile Trump administration's "gag rule." Good work, Governor Scott.

A recent editorial noted the state's desire to have 50,000 to 60,000 EVs on the road by 2025. That's a great, if ambitious, goal. The editorial also noted John McClaughry's opinion that non-EV owners should not be subsidizing those who want to buy one.

American exceptionalism is a statement that is often misunderstood. It refers to the founding of the country. Prior to the United States, all countries were founded on top-down dictatorial leadership, such as monarchy’s dictatorships, etc. America was founded on bottom-up leadership: of the …

On Aug. 1, a section of the Texas Eastern System gas pipeline exploded in Kentucky. One person was killed and others hospitalized. The explosion burned homes and destroyed railroad tracks. In January, another part of the same gas pipeline exploded in Ohio, creating a fireball visible 10 mile…

Woodstock, the multi-day concert in 1969, is not remembered with a 50th anniversary concert this year, and although it is an American icon, it's true meaning is often confused with other things.

As September approaches and summer comes to its inevitable end, think about becoming a mentor with Girls/Boyz First Mentoring. We are a 22-year-old community based mentoring program in central Vermont. Our mission is to provide our mentees with high-quality, long-term mentoring relationships…

For those of you who don't believe that the elite democrats are "screwing" Bernie again in this 2020 primary, just take a look at the write up on page A2 of the Aug. 13 Times Argus newspaper.

I am appalled and heartbroken that Montpelier has experienced yet another "officer-involved shooting" resulting in the death of a city resident who did not deserve such a violent end to his troubled life.

My heart broke when I saw the picture of Donald Trump with a stupid grin and thumbs up, beside him Melania Trump grinning, holding two-month-old baby Paul. The child had suffered broken bones when his mother fell on him to shield him from further bullets in the mass shooting in El Paso. She …

During the first Democratic presidential debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the candidates about a “No First Use” policy on nuclear weapons; Tapper described this policy as “tying the president’s hands.”

On Aug. 8, the Green Mountain Care Board approved rate increases of 12.4 and 10.1 percent for next year's Blue Cross and MVP plans on Vermont Health Connect. With its decision, the Board has now allowed Blue Cross premiums to rise 58 percent in just six years — an astonishing rise in cost at…

My name is Amy Lester and I am a small business owner after spending the last 15 years in public service. I recently attended a public forum the Green Mountain Care Board hosted reviewing Blue Cross and MVP’s requests to raise their rates for next year’s Vermont Health Connect plans.

Donald Trump’s presidency has begun to feel like someone has defecated on America. I know that sounds harsh but, at times, reality should not be denied.

Everyone praises attempts by individual citizens to reduce their carbon footprints by reducing their consumption of goods and thus, the production of goods. I know that from personal experience. No one objects even though those attempts reduce our city’s, state’s, nation’s and world’s GDP.

There is a big difference between salaried work and hourly, on-the-clock work. If Bernie supporters are working more than 40 hours, it should be their choice. I know, I have been there.

Horrific events: Carnage the media exploits for their profit-based interest and our own fascination with the images and thoughts that have become such a gruesome reality. While politicians shuffle through responses, with proposed legislation that is dead upon arrival due to leadership that i…

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch - seems like all we hear about these days, Mitch about this, Mitch about that.

More mass murders committed by domestic terrorists espousing white supremacy using readily available and legally purchased assault rifles.

Now that the baseball season is finally down to crunch time and the playoffs are coming, the Sox are doing their swan song again. Yes, I remember, they won the World Series last year. "That was yesterday and yesterday's gone."

Thinking about Trump’s most recent racist rant regarding people of color who live in Baltimore, I couldn’t help but reflect upon our Star-Spangled Banner that was written in the Chesapeake Bay while the War of 1812 raged against a Baltimore stronghold.

Who could have imagined that the vile invective coming out of Donald Trump's mouth these days would have been emitted by a president of the United States.

Health industry lobbyists keep claiming to wonder why we need Medicare for All when, they insist, we have such a wonderful system already. Well, here are 12 reasons: