Not all dads are created equal. Some of them become fathers by virtue of the relationships they are in. As blended families become more common, the definition of fathering extends well beyond men’s own biological or adopted children.

So how close are we getting to giving up our rights and privacy?

Vermont may prove to be a leader in the nation once again.

Hot. Finally hot in Vermont. It comes after what Steinbeck didn’t but might have called the “spring of our discontent,” a plodding, reluctant spring that seemed to be spring in name only — an April and May, and early June, when the weather gods seemed too dull-witted to pair warmth with clea…

It is thought-provoking when, in the course of offering advice to graduates, speakers have to continually add tolerance and civility to the list.

An article in the New York Times this week raises an interesting conundrum about people — across all ages — using devices for information and entertainment.

The 2016 presidential election campaign was an unpleasant, repugnant experience for millions of Americans, including, one suspects, many of those who in the end voted for Donald Trump because he was the last Republican standing.

In 2013, Jack Gierzynski wrote a book that looked at the effect the Millennial Generation (1982-2002) had on the 2008 election. The University of Vermont political science professor looked at how the Harry Potter series impacted political views and thinking.

It is increasingly difficult to separate the political from the policy in the international affairs of the United States.

Pete Buttigieg has suggested national service will become one of the themes of his campaign for the presidency. He is hoping to make it a social norm.

We cling to traditions for comfort. Whether they are rituals and routines at home, annual trips, or even objects we put out at certain times of year to remind us of something, or someone.

Before the Vermont Legislature’s bizarre act of self-immolation last week, when a House and Senate controlled by the same party (the Democrats) failed so miserably to reach accord on a paid-family-leave bill and movement toward a $15-an-hour minimum wage that a frustrated House Speaker Mitzi…

What does it say about our nation when we would consider forgiving war criminals?

A day after hearing that billionaire Robert F. Smith had pledged to pay the collective student debt of the entire 2019 Morehouse College graduating class, a newly minted University of Vermont graduate said the obvious, “Well, that’s a sweet deal for them … It’s too bad the system is so askew…

It’s trying to feel like summer. And that means getting out and enjoying all that Vermont has to offer.

Legislative bodies, when they’re performing their duties as they should, advance legislation intended to serve the general good. Alas, the general good is not always, and perhaps not often, the same as the universal good. We have factions in our legislatures that bring divergent views to eac…

We live in challenging and divisive times. We are witnessing a seismic shift in the social and political landscape of our nation — poising us for a debate that will test principles and tear at the fabric of rights.

It’s not exactly reassuring to know that President Trump doesn’t want to go to war with Iran, but it sure seems as though some members of his administration wouldn’t mind an escalating conflict.

It is disheartening to hear stories about our state’s youth going to school hungry. And yet it happens, and in startling numbers. Late last week, we reported on some of the findings. The results, indeed, require a call to action.

A plan to combat the growing opioid epidemic in the state is being received with mixed responses. We agree and commend the recommendations that will help scores of children in Vermont, but we are saddened the recommendations were necessary in the first place.

Author William Faulkner’s most often-quoted passage may be these nine words from his 1951 novel, “Requiem For a Nun:” “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

You may have heard of Caster Semenya, the South African runner who has been the center of a controversy over women’s sports and gender. She garnered headlines around the world last week when a governing body ruled that intersex athletes — like Semenya — must artificially lower their testoste…

That nagging concern that social media is destroying the fabric of our society might be somewhat true. But only somewhat.

While the seismic policy announcement did not come in his home state, Sen. Bernie Sanders has made a push for agriculture reform nationwide.

Earl Warren, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1953 to 1969, sought refuge, however brief, from humanity’s travails and disappointments as he turned each day to his morning paper. “I always turn to the sports section first,” Warren told Sports Illustrated magazine in 1968. “The sp…

Members of Citizens Against Nuclear Bombers in Vermont are not misguided in raising concerns over efforts to bring the F-35 into the state. In fact, the case they make feels worthy of serious consideration.

It took awhile, but things seem to be greening up nicely around Vermont. There was a lot of snow and ice. When it subsided, we got to see just how long a winter it had truly been.

An alarming nationwide study released earlier this week revealed approximately 195 more youth suicide deaths than expected were associated with the television series “13 Reasons Why” in the nine months immediately following the series’ release.

The latest maestro to play the self-obsessed president of the United States like a concert violin was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who announced last week his intention to name a new Israeli settlement on the Golan Heights after Donald J. Trump.

The Legislature and the governor both appear concerned with Vermont’s commitment to families, with a paid family leave bill before the Senate after passing the House, and another bit of legislation under discussion that would pour more than $10 million into improving access to child care in …

The days leading up to this year’s Easter weekend revealed the staggering breadth of human character, from the craven to the courageous, the vain to the valiant. The Mueller report and the president’s schizophrenic reactions to it (“total exoneration” one day, “total bullsh*t” the next) were…

As the landscape starts to green up, our thoughts turn to the upcoming growing season. No one is more eager for it than Vermont’s farmers.

Now that we have the 448-page Mueller report in hand, one thing is abundantly clear: There may not be fire, but there is plenty of smoke choking the truth.

More than a quarter, or 28.3%, of Vermont households spent 35% or more of their income on housing costs in 2016, according to a new report from the Vermont State Data Center. That is a very scary statistic.

The world had its heart broken this week.

Right whales aren’t exactly pretty. They are among the largest whales in the ocean, adults reaching 45 feet to 55 feet in length, and weighing some 70 tons, and their size alone makes them majestic, awe-inspiring creatures of the planet. But they’re baleen whales, not toothed whales; when th…

It is amazing that in the same week, it was science — not necessarily politics — that stole headlines: We took a photo (so to speak) of a black hole; and we found some distant human relatives.

This particular shoulder season can be taxing on us Vermonters: not a lot of green, too many relentless snowstorms, mud (and dog poop) and the ever-present slow start from the Red Sox.

Jenga is a maddening game. It requires a steady hand and steady nerves. You really want to believe it takes strategy to pull one rectangular, wooden block out at a time and not have the tall stack of blocks collapse into a dramatic heap. But there really isn’t much strategy involved; it come…

While more young Vermonters are finding their voices when it comes to social justice issues around the state, they also have an opportunity to offer key input when it comes to substance abuse policies that affect them as well.

On a cold winter night in March each year, several hundred people in the Burlington area get a taste of what homelessness feels like. It’s brief — just one night (this year the event was held twice) — and they’re not really on the streets. They’re participants in a fundraising event called “…

It’s hard to know what to make of Pete Buttigieg.

Bernie Sanders is not endearing himself to everyone these days.

Sometimes the best friend you can have is the one who’s willing to tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. That’s a friend the Democratic Party needs. Unfortunately, many in the party don’t seem to think so.

It would behoove us, in Vermont and the United States, to be hospitable, fair, inclusive and welcoming. The citizens of one Vermont community — Montpelier — acted upon those principles last November when they voted 2,857 to 1,488 to amend their city charter to allow residents who are not U.S…

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book in 2000 that focused on how little things can end up making a big difference. “The Tipping Point” explains how ideas spread like epidemics and which few elements need to come together to help an idea reach the point of critical mass, where its viral effect becom…

The governor is trying to save the internet, and we could not agree with him more that it is the right thing to do.