The report released this week by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington names 40 priests accused of sexually abusing children in Vermont since 1950. Many of them were long-serving and notable within their communities.

The year 1850 was good for the Pleasant Hill Plantation in Amite County, Mississippi. Overseer Eli J. Capell, a diligent and responsible employee, kept meticulous financial records of production, revenues, expenses, investments, etc. At year’s end, he itemized the plantation’s holdings of “N…

The year 1850 was good for the Pleasant Hill Plantation in Amite County, Mississippi. Overseer Eli J. Capell, a diligent and responsible employee, kept meticulous financial records of production, revenues, expenses, investments, etc. At year’s end, he itemized the plantation’s holdings of “N…

A report earlier this summer by the Public Utility Commission makes an aggressive push toward the ownership and use of electric vehicles around Vermont.

We long for change. We are uneasy in the prickles of our dissatisfaction. We are confused by the wild complexity of this world around us. We live in chaos and in chaotic times. We strive for simple moments of comfort and understanding.

The police shooting in Montpelier of a man deemed mentally ill by his neighbors and friends is a stark reminder of the crisis so many of us face in such tumultuous times.

Grover Norquist’s rather unpleasant concept of “the bathtub” remains a central tenet of the national Republican Party. And the consequences of employing it (the bathtub) as Norquist famously fantasized in an interview on National Public Radio in 2001 are demonstrated with each effort in that…

In 2008, PBS broadcast a four-part program on its long-running American Experience series titled, simply, FDR. It was a biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from his birth in 1882, through his youth as the only child in a privileged family in Hyde Park, New York, his marriage – which beca…

Around the same time that teenagers were bringing traffic to a standstill at the main intersection in Vermont’s capital city last week, urging swift and decisive action on climate change and a focus in their education to prepare them for the hardships they will endure in an altered world, Et…

We flipped the page on the calendar to August this week. That means school starts again in a month, and practice for fall sports will begin in just a matter or weeks.

While it’s still unclear how consumers will see the benefits, the Trump administration plan that would allow Americans to legally and safely import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada is a welcome change in policy.

The world must depend on Britain, France, Germany, China and yes, even Russia and Iran, to negotiate a path forward that treats all parties with respect and maintains the nuclear and humanitarian equilibrium that was obtained with the limited, but effective, deal signed in 2015 by those part…

Secretary of State Jim Condos last week took a hard line on interference in the upcoming 2020 election by urging a congressional investigation following the findings of the Mueller report: “(T)he Russians executed a sweeping and orchestrated campaign to attack U.S. state election systems, wa…

As if we didn’t have enough to be worrying about these days, there are people in the medical and scientific communities who say the U.S. military created and spread Lyme disease.

News yesterday that the Justice Department plans to resume executing prisoners awaiting the death penalty is an ominous sign of what we’ve become as a nation.

Predictably, Rep. Peter Welch is being celebrated and vilified for his recent calls for the impeachment of President Trump.

Our intolerance is reaching epidemic proportions.

A Washington Post investigation published this week points to the staggering extent the opioid epidemic has gripped our nation.

It has been two years since Gov. Phil Scott appointed the Climate Action Commission.

The recent news that the state’s bond rating had taken a dip was not the kind of news that rises to the level of grave concern. But it is worth consideration.

Rutland Alderman Paul Clifford’s weekend Facebook post was most unfortunate.

The worst thing about the Jeffrey Epstein case, without question, is the insult, the callous intrusion and ultimately the terrible damage that his pedophiliac behavior inflicted upon the dozens of young women and girls who were his victims, the targets of his methodical, malignant schemes. T…

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether we can agree to disagree.

Unsurprisingly, groups committed to the environment were aptly unimpressed with President Donald Trump’s speech this week designed to make him look like an environmental champion.

Dieters know the expression, “Watch what you eat.”

Sunday’s Women’s World Cup was a win all around.

We love this summer weather. It brings out a different kind of “best of” Vermont.

Megan Rapinoe is under fire. The only person who doesn’t seem to mind it is Megan Rapinoe.

Democrats and their supporters must really want to beat Donald Trump in 2020.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has about a 14-point lead over his nearest rival in the now-quickening Democratic primary contest to select a candidate for the 2020 presidential election. This is according to established polling organizations like Real Clear Politics, Quinnipiac University a…

For mere words, apologies have a surprising currency in addressing wrongs. Often they are not enough; the apology of a convicted murderer to his victim’s family Wednesday, in a criminal courtroom in Barre, seemed heartfelt (“What happened tortures me and I’m truly sorry”), but it won’t bring…

The summer arts season is upon us. The days are now getting shorter, and it’s time for us to plan and act on our annual pilgrimages to the musical, visual and performing arts in the Green Mountains before the leaves start changing.

There’s another way to look at it. We’ve been hearing for three years now about the “criminals” who are “invading” our borders, that they’re “rapists” and “drug dealers” who are “infest(ing) our country.”

So what is the real state of our state?

A report released this week only confirms what we have already come to know: Finding a place to rent in Vermont is nearly impossible.

When Todd Inman, of Owensboro, Kentucky, left that city at a bend in the Ohio River in January 2017 to become director of operations in the U.S. Department of Transportation, he expressed mixed feelings about his departure. A local businessman, Inman was steeped in statewide Republican polit…

Not all dads are created equal. Some of them become fathers by virtue of the relationships they are in. As blended families become more common, the definition of fathering extends well beyond men’s own biological or adopted children.

So how close are we getting to giving up our rights and privacy?

Vermont may prove to be a leader in the nation once again.

Hot. Finally hot in Vermont. It comes after what Steinbeck didn’t but might have called the “spring of our discontent,” a plodding, reluctant spring that seemed to be spring in name only — an April and May, and early June, when the weather gods seemed too dull-witted to pair warmth with clea…

It is thought-provoking when, in the course of offering advice to graduates, speakers have to continually add tolerance and civility to the list.

An article in the New York Times this week raises an interesting conundrum about people — across all ages — using devices for information and entertainment.

The 2016 presidential election campaign was an unpleasant, repugnant experience for millions of Americans, including, one suspects, many of those who in the end voted for Donald Trump because he was the last Republican standing.

In 2013, Jack Gierzynski wrote a book that looked at the effect the Millennial Generation (1982-2002) had on the 2008 election. The University of Vermont political science professor looked at how the Harry Potter series impacted political views and thinking.

It is increasingly difficult to separate the political from the policy in the international affairs of the United States.

Pete Buttigieg has suggested national service will become one of the themes of his campaign for the presidency. He is hoping to make it a social norm.

We cling to traditions for comfort. Whether they are rituals and routines at home, annual trips, or even objects we put out at certain times of year to remind us of something, or someone.