Rather than being the expert builder he proclaims himself to be, the president is once again showing that he’s in the demolition business and he’s the wrecking ball. He’s brutally punishing innocent folks because he can’t get his way with his wall. He’s an expert in inflicting pain and suffering on others, while sidestepping any discomfort and inconvenience to himself.

One federal employee said that while the president is trying to construct a wall, he is destroying the lives of federal employees. If each federal employee has two dependents, then 2.4 million people are being directly affected by the president’s ineptness, his inability to empathize and his lack of compassion.

Without the willingness to compromise, the president is using 800,000 federal employees as if they were poker chips at one of his failed New Jersey casinos. In business, he strategically and cowardly cheated thousands of people five or six times via bankruptcies to sleaze his way out of his responsibilities of paying his bills and paying people for their skills, energies, sweat and jobs well done.

I try to imagine the thick clouds of stress that 800,000 unpaid workers and their families lived under as they tried to navigate through the holidays. Now, they’re in January, facing the cold reality of weathering a new year with their finances being turned upside down so the usual weights of mortgages, car loans, electricity, heat, phone bills and medical bills could not only knock many down, but crush many others — all for no good reason, and in the end, the president will proclaim victory no matter what happens. Then, how long will it take many of these folks to regain their good credit after the president’s punishments are lifted.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that one person has the power to cause so much turbulence in so many lives. That needs to change. We desperately need a president who is interested in building rather than destroying. My hope is that in 2020, voters choose a person who cares as much, if not more, about the country’s citizens than he or she does about him or herself.

Bill Walsh is a Barre Town resident.

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George Plumb

Thanks for this letter Bill. I'm afraid it is all part of our failing democracy.

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