In reference to John McClaughry’s latest column bemoaning the “latest climate tax” on the same day The Smithsonian headlined “Scientists Around the World Declare ‘Climate Emergency.’”

“More than 11,000 signatories to a new research paper argue that we need new ways to measure the impacts of a changing climate on human society.”

Of course, McClaughry’s “Reactionary Conservatism” believes government action is never the answer if it costs businesses money. He also believes we, the people, are “the victims who are paying can’t figure out who is to blame for having less money in their pockets” and the Transportation and Climate Initiative “is astoundingly, one might even say diabolically, complex.” Poor, stupid us.

Citing “the TCI was conceived by lawyers at Georgetown University Law Center, mainly funded by the Rockerfeller brothers,” he finds irony in the fact John D. Rockerfeller “who made America’s greatest fortune by producing, refining and marketing fossil fuel” has heirs who trust science. He apparently failed to realize at that time Standard Oil was founded, we were not aware we were destroying the planet’s ecosystems through fossil fuel use. Thank God, the Rockerfeller heirs are a lot more up to date.

He bemoans the “enormous enforcement and legal costs” despite “over the last decade, for example, the cost of hurricanes, fires, floods, droughts and other such disasters has nearly doubled. The world is projected to spend around $200 billion on climate-related disaster relief next year. That cost is only going to go up as the Earth gets warmer.”

It seems the veep of the EAI is smarter than the world’s scientists and believes “after ten years ... the TCI will have produced no detectable effect whatever on climate change.” To paraphrase John’s final line — it will be a glorious triumph for reactionary conservatism. Just not for you — or your children or grandchildren.

Michael Meninger lives in Worcester.

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