Liberals will always represent themselves as the most tolerant, sensitive, compassionate people who embrace everyone, no matter of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, political persuasion, social economic situation, etc. After all, that is the definition of being a liberal.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Most liberals are really intolerant and are resistant to opposing views. ”Bigotry, racism, homophobia, etc.,” they proclaim!

Important examples of this hypocrisy are shown in the pages of The Times Argus on a regular basis.

Bigotry: ”a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles or identities that are different from his or her own lifestyle. Mostly, the person’s opinions are based on prejudice.”

While I support Publisher Steve Pappas’ dedication to continue publishing The Times Argus throughout this pandemic, it is difficult to understand why he would start off his New Year’s editorial by using Walt Amses as his first two words. There is perhaps no more polarizing contributor to this newspaper over the last couple years than Amses.

In Amses commentary, ”Chicken Dancer,” after showing remorse for shocking a chicken, swearing off recreational drugs, he mocks President Trump supporters ”believing anything the man says after all this time is most likely limited to the presidential cultists, as loose in their credulity as their idol is with his mendacity.“ Amses shows not only his disdain for the president, but his supporters, as well. Amses calls Trump supporters ”cultists” (people who show a great devotion to a movement) but also suggests they are blind followers (credulity) and they believe everything the president says is true (mendacity).

Bigotry hidden by big words.

In Amses commentary, ”Grift That Keeps On Giving,” he suggests President Trump supporters are “rubes” (awkward, unsophisticated people), and says they are “sufficiently flummoxed” (completely unable to respond) and are unable to see the president as a grifter (con artist). That is what Walt thinks about the 74 million people who voted for this president, make no mistake. Amses uses other people’s words to say this but by doing so, just allows himself to deflect and be a grifter himself.

Bigotry hidden by other people’s words.

In reality, Amses is the ultimate con artist (grifter) who hides his own bigotry with big words, intellectual persuasion, creative stories and is a valued forum for the publisher.

When appropriate, Amses uses other people’s words to hide his overt hatred for not only President Trump but those who believe in his message, as well. Conservatives be damned.

Very convenient, impressive, yet shallow, bigoted and phony.

Jeff Danziger is of the same vein. He not only has shown his true bigotry but has shown racial prejudice, as well. In his political cartoon, he depicts Sen. Tim Scott as “Uncle Tim’s Cabin.“ I criticized Danziger for his bigotry and racial prejudice. On Sept. 8, 2020, Danziger replied to my criticism, “it was not racist — it was realistic.” Bigotry and racism hidden by big words and deflection.

I have a great idea for Steve Pappas. He should hire Jeff Danziger and Walt Amses and put them on his payroll. Danziger can draw the political cartoons and Amses could write the copy. They would make a great pair.

Dave Spaulding lives in Montpelier.

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