Forty years of pretend fiscal austerity philosophy brought to us by the Republican Party combined with 40 years of Democratic Party obsequiousness have brought us to a truly strange and horrifying point.

There is a proposal on the federal government’s table for a 10-year, $3.5 trillion spending plan that will provide the funding mechanisms to help us all, at a minimum, alleviate the damage we’ve already done to our physical environment and climate with the intent of leaving our children a livable planet. Of course, this proposal has people crawling out of the woodwork to tell us we can’t afford it.

Simple math tells us $3.5T divided by 10 years comes out to $350 billion per year — less than half the much more then $700 billion that is going to be spent on our military this year, and that $700B is an extremely low-ball figure.

Very few folks are complaining about this $7 trillion plus 10-year war department spending plan. After all, this death-dealing financial welfare program will be graciously spread among corporations and people all across our nation. (Yes, Vermont is suckling at the teats of this pig, too.)

While many are willing to spend well north of $700B on military projects, I hear these same people telling us we shouldn’t be spending $350B to begin dealing with our children’s future and their impending environment/climate catastrophe. Taxes and debt are fine for bombs and machine guns and airfields left to the Taliban we’re told, but these same monetary tools are off limits when it comes to working to provide our kids with a healthy and sustainable future.

We are at this point because of a Republican Party philosophy that says somebody’s money is more important than the lives of your and my children, grandchildren and on. And we are at this point because of the servile, slavish, cowardly support provided by the Democratic Party.

Break these previous patterns. $350B per year — for the sake of our children, please.

Rama Schneider lives in Williamstown.

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