Personally, I feel compelled to respond to the “editorial” of the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus stating why Bernie Sanders “should not” run for president in 2020, and it is an editorial against Bernie Sanders. All that is missing is who the candidate is whom the newspaper is supporting by “trashing” Bernie.

First of all, let me tell you why I have such great respect for Bernie Sanders.

Most Americans I know do not know or understand why America is the only democracy around that has a “two-party system” of government. Do you agree? The answer is that the United States of America has a two-party political system because of the Electoral College; the Electoral College requires a majority of electoral votes to win the presidential election. Period.

The Electoral College was a flaw in our U.S. Constitution of 1787, brought about by the “small” states and “slave” states of the times. The Electoral College should have been eliminated long ago.

Other democracies in the world have multiple political parties, and must rely on the merging of two or more parties to decide their presidency. And this is extremely important for anyone trying to find out why American elections and political parties are so screwed up and corrupted.

In my lifetime, only twice has the Electoral College decided elections when the winner did not have a majority of the popular vote also; in both cases, 2000 and 2016, the general election was corrupted and the minority won the presidency. In 2000, it was a corrupted Florida election and interference by the Republican majority of the U.S. Supreme Court in the election. In the Constitution, the Supreme Court has no role in our presidential election, and “Bush vs. Gore” was a terrible biased decision. In 2016, we know from the Russian hacking of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s emails that the Democratic Party primary election and convention was corrupted by the Democratic Party establishment and the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders.

That being said, we should all agree that America cannot trust state control of elections. The people need to change the Constitution, to eliminate the Electoral College and have the federal government in a separate agency like the judicial department, handle all elections, state and federal, in the United States. With today’s technology, we could accomplish this.

Now, in the 2016 presidential election, it was obvious that no Democrat would challenge Hillary Clinton for the nomination, no one except Independent Bernie Sanders, who became a Democrat solely to be on the Democratic ballot. This is perfectly legal in America.

So, first of all, I have the greatest respect for Bernie Sanders because if he had not run, Hillary would have had no one to contend her nomination and personally, I never considered Hillary presidential material for good reason (that had nothing to do with her being female).

First of all, Hillary did not support the 2016 Democratic Party platform, written primarily by Bernie and liberal progressive Democrats. As a result, Hillary allegedly won the vote of past President George Herbert Walker Bush and lost the vote of Democratic liberal progressives who didn’t vote (according to Hillary herself, who blamed Democrat liberal progressives for her loss).

If it had not been for “Democratic” candidate Bernie Sanders, I would have had no one to vote for in the Democratic primary; and, if a “viable” Democratic candidate would have run for president in the Democratic primary, and supported the Democratic platform, I really do not believe Bernie would have run for president; he would have supported a Democratic nominee.

It was a good and brave thing that Bernie Sanders did in 2016 by running on the Democratic Party ticket; Bernie is a patriot before being a politician.

Had it not been for the corruption of the Democratic Party primary and convention, I believe Bernie would have won the election and beat Trump. In my estimation, Hillary lost because she did not support the Democratic platform and labor; Hillary was supported by Wall Street contributions instead.

Bernie today has the best favorability factor in politics; The Times Argus never mentioned that. Hillary Clinton in 2016 had the worst favorability factor of any Democratic candidate for president in history.

As for Bernie Sanders’ feminism, Bernie was the best candidate women ever had. Why? Because he never separated men from women in any part of his platform. And, I agree with Bernie. And, my mother would agree with Bernie. My mother taught me feminism, but she called it equality; equal opportunity and equal responsibility. My mother taught me, “God counts each sparrow’s fall,” and she did not particularly like sparrows.

Bernie has not decided to run for president; he will look to see if there is an outstanding man or woman candidate who shares his (and mine) platform and not Wall Street’s platform.

But Bernie will see that someone, either himself or someone who supports his platform, will be in the running, after all other candidate considerations.

Personally, I totally reject the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus’ editorial assault on Bernie Sanders.

Richard Blankenburg resides in San Diego, California.

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