An open letter to the legislators of Vermont:

There have been a number of letters published presenting various arguments against this abortion bill currently waiting to be voted on. It is likely that similar letters are being published in all the Vermont newspapers. In my heart, I doubt they will make you think enough to change the vote of those reading this who support this bill. Maybe what follows will.

God has placed you in the Legislature and is holding you accountable for every vote you record. He expects you to vote with justice and fairness and truth.

Everyone “worships” something. What is the hidden agenda behind your support for this bill? Each one of you has one. In earlier history, the Israelites lived in a culture full of pagan gods, one of which was Molech. Followers of Molech would burn their children to death as sacrifices to him. God called it an abomination. Are you worshiping a demon?

The true and living God will not be mocked and does not forget. The Bible says God formed you in the womb. Life begins at conception, so abortion is premeditated murder. You pass this bill and your names recorded in support will be signed with the blood of the innocent. From the day this bill is passed, God will hold each of you accountable for every abortion in Vermont that follows — their blood will be on your hands. Their cries as they are being butchered will rise to God and as martyrs; their cries will not be silenced. It is written that one day each one of us will stand before God and give an accounting of his life. Justice will be measured out to you with the same measure you used for others.

Follow the lead of one of your colleagues who withdrew his support for this bill. You don’t have to give “acceptable” reasons to anyone — just say no.

It is written that those who live by the sword die by the sword. You think your state is struggling now, pass this bill; you think you are exempt from punishment, pass this bill. God will not be mocked,

What will be the sign that what has been penned here is truth? This new “god” you are putting on the top of your State House — God will cover it with blood.

Greg Darling is a Littleton, New Hampshire, resident.

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Perhaps Mr. Darling should consider that the First Amendment's guarantee of religious freedom does not mean that we are all free to approach God in a way that Mr. Darling finds acceptable.


As a counterpoint to the above Commentary by Mr. Darling of New Hampshire, I might posit that life actually is a continuum. Sex does not "create" life, it is more of a "branch of the tree" event, where life continues on, from one generation to the next. Individual conceptions have more the flavor of shoots or buds or leaves on that tree; some don't make it to full branches or other trees, some do. The life itself continues.

Now, if you start from that perception, then what happens to individual sprouts or buds or leaves is not material; some will be eaten by the deer, some fall off, whatever. The others continue and the tree of life continues, in the case of the Sequoia for over two thousand years. Life is designed so that individual pregnancies can come and go, some continue, others not; yet the continuum of life remains, and grows just fine. Pregnancy termination, natural or artificial, and not the determinants of the continuum. Under that precept, the State has no business sticking its nose into the private lives of the citizens and their relations with their doctor. No law of interference is the best law.


Three deep breaths weren't enough for me. The fable that the Christian/evangelical Taliban and hypocritical Trump supporters spin regarding abortion as child murder is utter nonsense. They essentially suggest that the morning after two people have sex there suddenly exists a third, microscopic person whose rights must be respected above and beyond their own. Or else - as Mr. Darling so eloquently threatens - "there will be blood". Which sounds clearly like a threat against Vermont's legislators who support this bill. Some of the most notorious mass murders of all time have claimed to know God, exactly as Mr. Darling seems to imply he does. Self anointed "messengers of God" are among the most dangerous men on the planet, far more of a threat than acknowledging a woman's right to control her own body.


I found I needed to take three deep breaths before responding to this one! Clearly Mr. Darling is passionate about the topic. I don't know him but wonder if he is as passionate about the predicament women who are dealing with a pregnancy face when, for many, many reasons, none easy, they must also face a decision to abort the fetus. I wonder if Mr. Darling has opened his home to children born to women who for many, many reasons are unable to care for them. Again, Mr. Darling, clearly you are passionate about this. Can that passion also include the women this bill intends to protect and the children who are born into great need?

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