Today I watched a TV newscast reporting that two boys, ages 8 and 9, were being charged with shooting a farmer who was found dead slumped over the steering wheel of his tractor.

The newscasters talked about the problem of how the police authorities would charge the boys.

Nothing was said about the parents of the boys who should have been in control of these kids’ behavior and locked up the gun as a second safeguard. So now those parents, owners of the gun, will probably not be charged or fined for any wrongdoing.

This is why I think we need people-control before any sale of firearms. Automobile drivers must go through training and tests before they are issued a driver’s license. Control driving and use of brakes, along with the rules of driving, help us to drive safely. People who pull triggers without any training of firearm safety have increased in high numbers. It’s not safe. You might ask why are more people getting armed and killing each other?

Right now, kids watch shooting scenarios on TV all day long. Young kids become brainwashed by what is shown on TV even before they become trained out of diapers. When they leave the movie theater, these kids talk about that shooting scenario they just viewed. If you could listen, you would hear. “I need or I want a gun like the movie guy hero in my pocket.” Yes, that’s what brainwashing is doing to our young kids. We need to think about ways to cut back the mindset that leads kids to think they need a gun. One way would be to make movie and TV producers pay a high tax for scenarios of killing by firearms. By taxing these killing by firearms stories, we would stop the brainwashing of our youth. The tax would be taken from the profit of the movie, thus fewer shooting scenarios might become a good norm. I think it’s time for shooting certificates after training in proper use and storage of firearms; proper training of firearms would have allowed that farmer a safe continued life working his farm.

So let’s all please think more about people-control and write our representative about your ideas.

George Frechette lives in Rutland.

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