I am writing you today with the hope of starting a public dialogue about solving an issue that plagues our roads. I cannot be the only person who has noticed the countless deer carcasses lining the roadsides and ditches of Interstate 89 from the long winter, and I imagine it is not the only roadway affected. I understand that it is challenging to keep up with these deaths in a timely manner during the winter, but I am hoping to find a solution that would help to reduce the effects of this issue.

I am a student at CCV, and throughout this semester, I have learned a lot about the natural history of the state and some of the problems the state’s ecology is facing. One issue I felt strongly about was the ability of our wildlife to cross roadways safely — not just safe for humans but safe for the animals, as well. In my brief research on this subject, I have seen pictures of structures that other communities in other states are building to provide a safe path for everyone, and it seems like a feasible solution for our area.

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