Ward 2 residents: As I have been on the City Council for a couple of months, I wanted to write to give you a brief update of some of the work that has been done and that is ongoing in the city.

First, the work on the pool — The general design has been completed and counting additional grant money with the $750,000 approved by voters, the city has just under a million dollars to use for the pool. This will allow a refurbish of the pool, some new plumbing, and an added “Beach Entry,” which is basically a ramp into the pool, for those with accessibility needs, senior citizens and children learning to swim. Leaving a bit of a cushion for unanticipated costs of the project, this does not leave enough money to develop a splash pad.

Important infrastructure work continues — the Keith Avenue and Pearl Street parking lot project will be starting soon. City Council will be addressing “paper streets,” as well. In short, these are streets that exist on paper, but not in reality. Or, these streets were approved after construction despite the streets being up to the legal standards of a city. Council will be working with DPW to address these issues, which will improve the quality and upkeep of the city streets, once we are on the other side.

Finally — the Council has been working with the Planning Commission on the new zoning districts for the city, as well as the proposed Vacant Building Ordinance. These new zoning districts will determine the direction of our city moving forward, while the VBO aims to bring accountability to vacant/inhabitable buildings in the city. My priority on both of these projects continues to be access to affordable housing and expanding the amount of housing available in Barre City. Drafts of both of these are available on the Planning Commission page on the Barre City website.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have at t.waszazak@barrecity.org.

Teddy Waszazak is Ward 2 Barre City Councilor.

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