I am running for one of the vacancies on the Montpelier Roxbury School District Board and am requesting the support of my fellow Montpelier residents on Town Meeting Day.

I come to the position with over 15 years of experience in Vermont’s education policy and property tax system. I served as the director of communications and legislative affairs and as an education policy project manager at the Agency of Education for over 12 years. I was directly involved in the establishment of the statewide education quality standards, which guide policies, curriculum and other educational requirements to this day. I supported four commissioners in the exploration and discussion in events across the state regarding education governance and more. For the past few years, I have led the tax department’s property tax division, which means I have a relatively unique understanding of the various factors and complexities that lead from your vote on a school budget to the property tax bill you may receive.

I am also a proud resident and parent in Montpelier, have been involved in boosting recreation department and school sports, organizing fundraising events, such as the Lip Synch Battle, and serving on the finance committee as a parent member for the board in the past.

A lifelong Vermonter, I have an appreciation for the governance structure and demographics of our state and how that impacts decisions we make regarding students’ education. I recognize the challenges we face in Montpelier regarding lack of affordable housing, dated infrastructure and the needs of a group of students who rely more than ever on school to provide social and physical sustenance they need to be successful.

I ask to represent you on the board with an open mind; to use my expertise to help inform the board and assist the administration in carrying out our mission; and to speak for those unable to participate in the decisions.

Thank you to all who have supported me, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve Montpelier.

Jill Remick lives in Montpelier.

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