Here we go again with the asinine antics of the Republican Party.

Shortly after Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, Trump began to act strangely, more so than usual, people from his inner circle tell us. He would shout obscenities at anyone within earshot and even did so at Sen. Mitch McConnell. He seemed shortly to do something drastic to exact revenge at his loss. These facts are all verifiable on network news.

Fear and trepidation took hold of the top brass at the Pentagon, especially with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley. He feared that, if Trump got his thumb on the button of a nuclear device, he would launch it at China, in his insane vengeance.

General Milley spoke with the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and they both agreed upon, and feared, Donald Trump’s craziness. “He is crazy …” are their quoted words, again, verifiable on network news. General Milley, the Joint Chiefs and the Nuclear Defense Team Chain of Command conferenced and decided not to let Donald Trump anywhere near a nuclear launch command, or order. Hence, they all vowed not to permit a nuclear launch despite who may order it. For who, read Donald Trump here.

General Milley, in a moment of patriotism and foresight, telephoned his counterpart in the Chinese Army and assured him that no nuclear weapon would be launched at China, thereby easing tensions between the two countries. General Milley, in his enthusiasm, may well have staved off a nuclear war by preventing Trump’s thumb to touch the nuclear trigger.

But, now, what do these Republicans want to do? They want President Biden to fire General Milley for circumventing nuclear protocol to prevent a nuclear launch. General Milley may well have achieved his goal in stopping a possible nuclear launch ordered by Donald Trump but, if he were unable to do so, only God knows what would have occurred in the world after that. He kept Trump’s thumb away from the nuclear button and averted a possible holocaust, and did so as a true patriot — read Minuteman here — and helped save his country.

I am very relieved to have the likes of General Milley in charge of our weapons. But the Republicans, still smarting at the Biden win, want him removed. Why? For saving the United States of America and other parts of the world from thermonuclear annihilation? For keeping us all safe from destruction and the wild ravings and actions of an insane individual? This, to me, makes no sense. I can’t understand the Republicans. Where are their brains? Perhaps they’re sitting on them.

Larry Booker lives in Pittsford.

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