Taylor Jordan Jacobs BARRE — Taylor Jordan Jacobs, 27, passed away unexpectedly in Williamstown, Vermont, on June 3, 2020. He was the loving son of Gary and Suzie (LaRose) Jacobs of Barre, and big brother to Mariah and Austin. He attended Barre City Schools, graduating in 2011 from Spaulding High School. Taylor was a friend to everyone and will be forever missed. For those who knew him well, he leaves behind many fond memories: “A sweet, curious young boy; A quiet challenge, always respectful, great personality, well-liked by his classmates, a beautiful smile (and he used that smile), quickly offered to help, a kind and genuine offer; An engaging-mischievous smile and kind heart, I loved that boy!; A precocious little boy with an infectious smile and a twinkle in his eye!; A fun loving, spunky, intelligent and thoughtful boy; A spirit unlike any other, that smile melted my heart even though at times I was ready to ring his neck; A zest for life, such a creative, inventive mind, he refined the skills of pushing boundaries but never, ever, beyond what I could love, appreciate and smile at; Loved and cared about by so many; Gave me a run for my money, but made me a much better teacher; A talented, funny boy with a wild spirit, sure was fun to be around; A great man, you raised him well; One of my best friends, many good memories growing up; A great guy and friend; Heartfelt, caring, smart and thoughtful, with a heart the size of the sun; He touched our lives and so many others, forever in our hearts; A smiling face, he helped us with our car many times; Respectful and friendly with a big smile; A good young man; My best friend, honestly, the brother I never had; Biggest hearted kid around; Beautiful wild child, living free and to its absolute fullest; A great impression on the people he met; A beautiful son; One special person, full of talents and adventures; A bright young man with a big smile; An amazing person, marching forward to his own drummer; An infectious smile and a contagious laugh; Brought so much joy and laughter into this world, his carefree and positive spirit combined with his infectious smile made it impossible not to love him; A positive attitude; Craziest, most talented, and big hearted guy I’ve ever met; Filled a room with his smile alone; Creative eyes, calloused hands and a kind heart; He could bring the best out of any situation; Loved how he let me pretend I was helping him work in the shop!; The life of the party; Touched the hearts of so many people and will always be remembered for his crazy, wild and dangerous personality and ability to demolish any task/skill he set his mind to. He lived a life most can only dream about and was not scared of anything in life; Love him more than he loved any motorized object he owned, and that’s a heck of a lot!” Taylor (Mr. T, T-Man, The Boy, TJ, Tay, Brother, Satanic Mechanic) was born on Dec. 23, 1992, at Gifford Medical Center in Randolph, Vermont. It was a Christmas miracle … with no snow on the ground, snow started falling soon after he was born. We brought him home on Christmas Eve, in a huge red stocking, 3 feet long, that hung on the hospital door. Our home was filled with joy. He loved seeing that stocking under the tree year after year. Taylor thrived growing up. He joined Cub Scouts, Dad became a leader and together, they enjoyed making cars for the Pinewood Derby. He was his brothers’ proudest pit crew member racing Soap Box Derby cars down Hill Street, they had a blast! He found a love for snowboarding in fourth grade and continued to board and ski with his siblings for years to come. He played T-ball, ice hockey and lacrosse, loved to skateboard, ripstik, freestyle BMX, wakeboard, anything that brought him thrill and adventure. He spent a lot of time with his childhood friend, Logan; together, they drove Grammy Betsy crazy! Camping was one of Taylor’s favorite things to do: from building forts in the woods and riding bikes with the boys, to playing miniature golf, going to the camp store, spending hours in the pool, and eating food around the campfire. He loved the ocean and looked forward to Old Orchard Beach every year. A boogie board, jet ski, or renting a scooter downtown kept him quite entertained. There was never a time he went to Maine without coming home with a new hermit crab or indulging in his favorite meal, lobster! Taylor's tradition at family dinners never wavered - he was good for being a half-hour late and ordering a five-course meal. One of the family’s best memories is their trip together out West, celebrating their parents' 30 years of marriage. Taylor loved seeing family and friends, the Rocky Mountains, finishing first against his father and brother at Unser Racing - if you’re not first, you’re last!, touring LC Engineering Toyota Performance factory, the Hoover Dam (he and Austin couldn’t get enough of it), the Grand Canyon, renting scooters with his brother in downtown Las Vegas (probably their favorite), the rooftop pool in Long Beach, California, and livin’ it up on the cruise ship to Ensenada, Mexico - not realizing his ship ID was actually a charge card under his parents name! He could have gone without the bumper to bumper, hour-long traffic in Hollywood, California ... telling us, “I’ll never come back here again, I’ll take my mud truck and ol’ dirt roads over this place any day.” Taylor’s greatest love of all included anything with a motor. The fever started when he got his first Power Wheels Four-Wheeler Jeep, followed by a motorized three-wheeler from a family friend, Thanks. Keith! That was just the beginning. At age 5, he got a Sno Scoot for Christmas. Dad would say, “it’s almost time to go” as Taylor would pass on by, and somehow he’d end up getting buried (of course, he would), as far off as possible. Little did we know … his fun in life had just begun! Taylor didn’t hesitate to start teaching his brother every trick he knew once he and his sister joined him. He loved to help his dad tinker on just about anything. His love for motors continued with four-wheelers, dirt bikes, RC cars, go-karts, his brother’s go-ped (worst idea ever), motorcycles, snow machines, jet skis, boats, cars, trucks (too many to count), a lifted Jeep, the rally truck (somehow going through the garage door), mud trucks, motor rebuilds, and most recently, a golf cart which he had proudly fabricated a bumper for. Folks would often drive by our home on Washington Street and see one of his many ongoing projects sitting in the driveway, and there were plenty of them! Taylor did his homework in the garage. His friends sat and watched him work for hours saying he was one of the smartest people they knew. Austin’s respect for his brother speaks for itself; “Taylor was one very talented kid, who taught me so, so much over the years.” Taylor used to say the 9 to 5, 40-hour week job was not for him. He’d work 80+ hours a week for himself instead, most jobs costing him more than what he’d make, but that never stopped him from helping everyone out. Life to him was more than just a paycheck, he needed to love what he did for work and wanted everyone to be happy. He never got to experience the true value of what his talent was really worth. As time went on, he became known as “The Satanic Mechanic,” a name he will always be remembered by. He was also the collector of “stuff,” everything had value. He’d tell his father…“Don’t throw that out, that’s not junk! I’m gonna use that someday.” He was a gifted artist, fabricator and welder, specializing in custom bumpers and creating amazing metal art out of old tools. He always took the time to stop whatever it was he was working on, just to show you exactly what he was doing. He was very proud of his accomplishments and so very talented. Those who are fortunate enough to own one of his many creations will surely cherish it forever. He’d always hoped he and his brother would open their own business, Mom telling him … “There is no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that you will be very wealthy someday!” Taylor was close to many of his relatives, but he was his grandfather’s right-hand man. Grandpa referred to him as “Mr. T” and taught him many of the things he knew: how to drive his tractor, ranger, bucket loader, bulldozer and excavator, all at a young age. He spent a lot of time with him and Grammy at their camp on St. Albans Bay, and he loved it there. He never stopped going to camp with Grandpa, weekend after weekend, despite his many adventures: like the time Grandpa had to have him rescued by the Coast Guard one dark night out on the lake, or the night Taylor set off all the fireworks (while Grandpa slept right through it) saying … “Best 4th of July I’ve had in years!” He was his grandfather’s best friend. Grandpa put him to work at the shop sharing his skilled trade of custom architectural millwork, teaching him machine work, as well. Grandpa would tell you Taylor was self-taught with many of the things he’d accomplished, but Taylor would always give credit where credit was due. Grandpa later taught him how to weld and bought him his first welder, followed by a plasma cutter. Welding soon became Taylor’s true love, spending endless hours at it. He was most proud of the gorgeous picnic table with the lazy Susan top he and his grandfather had built together … Grandpa doing the wooden part, Taylor welding the metal. One of his latest, most favorite possessions was his collection of stainless steel. It was like liquid gold! Grandpa’s friend, Stanley “Mr. Sausage,” recognized what a talent Taylor had and kept him quite busy welding stainless, treating him very well! Taylor loved all the various projects, and also loved it when his friends would comment on the Mr. Sausage attire he so proudly wore. It was often said that Taylor had already done more in life then some grown men do in an entire lifetime. Taylor loved life, and everything about it. He loved his family, his grandparents and hanging out with friends - he never liked being alone. He loved listening to music, cooking food (we can still smell the bacon), and he loved to eat ... “You got any snacks?!” He loved fast cars, teaching others how to drive, loud mufflers, doing wheelies, burn outs, donuts, bonfires, the ladies, and he loved his Toyotas! He loved “Samuel L Snakeskin'' and “Frank” who often accompanied him on his dashboard, and he loved to cruise feeling the wind on his hand out the window … most of all, he loved to drive! He lived for the day, and lived every day to its fullest, with no regrets: “Live Life Full Throttle.” He loved going wheelin’, occasionally spending the night in the woods but he’d always get back up and running. There was nothing he couldn’t fix. His family and friends knew they could call him any time of the day or night, no matter what, he never left anyone out on the trail. His kind nature, willingness to help and talent kept him very busy. Most would agree, Taylor would give you the shirt off his back. He was kind, he was fun, he was creative, he was respectful, and he was a rascal full of mischief and life: way back to when he pulled the fire alarm by mistake as a toddler during playgroup! There was never a dull moment and there was always laughter. Over the years, he and his best friend, his brother, Austin, became known as the “Mayhem Brothers.” His parents refer to them as “Bo and Luke Duke,” two “Good ol’ Boys,” despite their shenanigans, they never meant any harm. He knew how much his mom, dad, sister and brother loved him and he loved them just as much, often telling his mom, “Thanks for all the help with everything!” He loved his aunts and uncles and appreciated all the special little things many of his aunts did for him, he knew they had his back. He talked about how very talented his Uncle Bruce was, and knew he had some of the best cousins a person could ask for, many of whom he loved to raise havoc with, like ... “Bobbin,” “Runner”and “The Bombards!” The special memories they share will never be forgotten. Taylor is greatly missed by his family, his relatives, his friends ... many of whom were like brothers, and by Ricky, the best four-legged garage and shotgun companion ever! Until we meet again … Taylor leaves behind his parents, Sue “Mother Goose” (LaRose) and Gary “Old Man” Jacobs; siblings, Mariah “Sister” Jacobs and significant-other Dalton “Dalt” Routhier; and best friend, Austin “Brother,” “Ricky Bobby” Jacobs; his grandfather he loved so, Paul “Gramps” LaRose; Aunt Debbie and Uncle Charlie LePage, Uncle Bruce “Festes” LaRose, Aunt Kathy “Auntie K” and Uncle Steve Spelman, Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Joe Sainz, Aunt Joanne LaRose, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Pete Bombard, and Uncles Michael, Donald and Russell Jacobs. He will be forever missed by his cousins and their families, Robert, Jesse, Jenna, Robyn, Courtney, Emily, Dominick, Steven, Joey, Cheyenne, Justyn, Walker, Sage, Cody, Paul, Molly, Mica, Nicole, Bryon, Alisha (Alex) and Brent. He was predeceased by his paternal grandparents, Edward “Peanut” and Freda “Grammy Jacobs” Jacobs; maternal grandmother, Shirley “Grammy” LaRose; Aunt Laurie Jacobs, and Uncle Eddy Jacobs. As spoken by Taylor's friend in his memory ... “Try to live life like Taylor. Make others feel welcome. Don’t judge. Make others smile and laugh. Be yourself and don’t be afraid of being you. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. Live life off the dinger.” A Celebration of Life will be taking place with Taylor’s family and friends on Saturday, Sept. 12, 3 p.m. at Austin's. We are forever grateful for all of the love and support we have received.

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